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Comment Re:DO WANT! (Score 1) 1026

You need your huge defense budget more than ever. Who's gonna save you when your fiat currency will finally collapse and Chinese, who own you, will get very very upset? With bright ideas like national high speed rail, which is obviously gonna cost 3 times as much as Obama says, this will happen all too soon. And do you know which part is the most scary? Those ideas are *exactly* the same as the ones another national socialist had in his time - the WWII was started because German economy started to collapse after overspending of public money on huge national projects like this one, and Hitler was left with little choices. I also have a little food for thought for you: if people want national network of fast rails, they are also willing to pay for it, right? In which case, why the greedy capitalists didn't built it themselves already, so they can profit from the needy people? Maybe because there's actually no need for it, or it's not economical to run - which just gets us neatly to your fiat currency and the rest of it :P

Comment Re:Beta release (Score 2) 480

Because the problem isn't systemic. I own iPhone 4, got the free condom and even used it for a few days, but then I gave it (the used condom, not the iPhone) to my friend and never had regrets. There is no such thing as iPhone 4 antenna issue, get over it. As for the macbook, it does get a bit too hot when I put it on my lap in the bed... but then, you can at least put it in your lap in the bed without completely screwing the airflow like with my Dell. In any case when I'm in bed with my MBP I just use smcFanWhatsItsName to boost the fans and it sure will get noisy, but after a while the heat is gone.

Comment Re:Beta release (Score 1) 480

Couldn't agree more. And what it directly translates to is the resale value of said products for the early adopters. Remember the pice which used iPhone 1.0 was able to fetch after a year from its release? Hell, there are still people willing to pay decent money for it now. I can't see those 5 tablets from TFA going for anything near it, percentage-wise.

Comment Re:You have to learn to crawl, before you can walk (Score 1) 480

You may be right saying that those companies turned a profit - but the customers were screwed. Or rather, made a bad decision, IMNSHO. How many of those 5 tablets will get an OS upgrade to 3.0? My bet is on 20% but I may have to eat that when it doubles to 40% :P How many will get a supported upgrade to 4.0 in just over a year from now? None.

Comment Education? (Score 1) 4

In the linked article there's nothing about 'investment in research and education', there's no mention of education at all. There's some about how the army did launched the satellite after civilians failed miserably. It all sounds surprisingly similar to 'we need more government regulation of the financial markets to prevent the disasters in the future' - when it was precisely government regulation and messing with the system through government bonds and Freddie Mae which created it in the first place.

Comment demonopolise science (Score 1) 4

Scrap NSF. Back in the day when scientists were doing science, not politicking and 'peer reviewing' (what's wrong with the old-fashioned 'back-scratching', which it really is?) there was some competition to NSF and half of the scientists were employed by the likes of IBM and Bell Labs. In Newton's days and before all of them were privately funded and there were no NSF whatsoever, yet the breakthroughs in science were coming at a much faster rate. The last 30 years were wasted on the string theory gimmick, funded by NSF and supported by the back-scratching culture. And then you ask where is the public debt coming from. When you let the government mess with *anything*, you will get a mess and slowdown which can only get worse and worse. There's no way to improve the efficiency of bureaucracy other than scraping it completely.

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