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Comment What took so long? (Score 2) 50

Seriously. Does anyone know? I was really surprised that much of the work the plant workers (police, firemen, and military) were doing was not replaced by robots after a few days -- while there were technical jobs that surely called for specialized workers onsite, holding a hose to spray water or flying over the site, seem like tasks where humans need not have been exposed and robots/drones could help. Also any stories of robots being deployed for search and rescue?

Comment Re:Opps (Score 1) 138

I have an epic. Your post is bunk. I get 24 hours battery life regular. No gps issues, no random turning off. Wifi battery life is better than 3g, if on 3g i only get about 18-20 hours battery life.
Every review says the galaxy S gps issue did not apply to the epic.
Great phone, though I don't believe that 24 hours is acceptable battery life. I could probably get more if I turned of a lot of the bg syncing, but then what's the point?

Comment Re:oh darn (Score 1) 522

Casual encoutners wasn't nearly as overrun (so I hear) before the adult services section came about, because in adult services you had to pay to post. Spammers, most just moved to the free portions. Whats not being said is how stupid this is! For adult services you had an audit trail -- a credit card -- that could be tracked to each post. Now kill that and you mvoe them to the non paid sites where you lose that bit of identification.

Comment Perhaps useful in High School (Score 1) 531

Perhaps this book might be useful for a high school tech club/class. I mean there already are many $200 linux computers: netbooks. I would have liked the book in HS, it would have saved me countless hours of windows reinstallation, and cursing at BSODs. (I'm now a stress free Ubuntu and Mac User).

Everyone else, the transition to Ubuntu isn't that hard, but is a learning curve. Why would one want to add building a machine to the mix? Besides by the time the ink is dry I'm sure the hardware suggestions will be out of date.

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