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Comment Why stop at characteristics? (Score 1) 100

Wasn't there a dramatic murder gene failed defense in the 90s about people genetically programmed to murder? What if DNA analysis found this to be very true? What if you had certain gene patterns that matched historical prisoners that were found guilty of first degree murder? You know what I would do if we lived in a world like that? Learn how to obfuscate, change those DNA patterns. Then the decision is, do I give it away to everyone or only people that I trust would not murder someone. That power would be immeasurable.

Comment Re:Indians returning to India is old news (Score 1) 309

Indians returning to India is old news. Not all Indians who come to America stay. Many return because they get home sick or they can't adjust. Many also return to India because they can get a better deal in India. For the same set of skills they can live better in India.

Bingo. Parent is right about the "better deal". Middle class in India is not the same as middle class in America. Maids and cooks are common for middle class in India. In metro NYC, you are looking at $60/hour for a decent maid team, costing you at least $180 for a decent cleaning of a 1 bedroom apartment.

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