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Comment What's a good router with minimum feature set? (Score 1) 31

What's a good router to buy for home / small business that has a minimum feature set: uses DHCP, has some static IP addresses, has a LAN-only config web page, no stupid app store in my router, and no remote access, etc)?

I have a Linksys EA6900, and it makes me nervous because it is chok full of features that I don't use and I never plan on using. Each and every one is probably an exploit waiting to happen. Personally, I think if such routers are easily hacked because of poorly implemented features and are responsible for fraud, they should be considered fodder for product liability lawsuits.

Comment Sue them out of existence (Score 1) 107

Speaking as one who is tired of sorting through consumer grade routers every few years, I'd love it if 90% of these "smart router" crapware products just went away. Someone said that the best technology is that which disappears from the user's consciousness, but somehow router manufacturers think that their best play is to worm their way into your attention like an insecure child "Hey, look what I can do! Look at me me me!

Yeah, I'm DLink and look what I can do. Real smooth.

Do I need to access an app store on my router? No. Do I need a warm, fuzzy javascript interface? No. Do I need to configure my home router when I'm not at home? No, no, no and those sorts of features probably contribute the lion's share of vulnerabilities.

What I need is a simple, CGI interface to set up basic routing parameters and WiFi that goes more than 20 feet and forget all about the router. I would actually pay up for that.

Comment Tip of a wave of prosecutions against devs? (Score 2) 102

Not sure why Andrus Nomm is charged with anything. Was he responsible for business decisions at the company?

If he was just a developer, I'm wondering if we'll start seeing a more prosecutions against developers working for a DOJ targeted company just to get them to roll on their bosses. In this case, is he any more responsible for other peoples' file sharing than Kim Dotcom's secretary?

As for his own illegal download, yeah, him and about 2 billion other people, (probably also including Kim Dotcom's secretary).

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