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Comment Re:Gov't data (Score 1) 460

There are over 300 million people in the US. http://www.worldometers.info/w...

There is a nominal point of unemployment that is healthy. If it were 0% then there can be no economic growth. The inflationary pressures happen when it approaches 0% and employers are forced to increase wages to hire from the available pool. http://www.economicshelp.org/b...

Comment Re:Gov't data (Score 1) 460

Note that the data includes all citizens age 16 and older. To find the right number for unemployment, we must remove students, retirees, handicapped, etc. from this pool. Any policies to do with unemployment directly on this data is meaningless and misleading. If you wanted to significantly reduce the 37.3% you would have to put all retirees and students to work. Between 37.3% and 42% proposed by Trump is 18 Million people! That's almost twice the population of NYC.

Comment Re:Gov't data (Score 3, Informative) 460


Trump, Time magazine interview, Aug. 20, 2015: Our real unemployment rate–in fact, I saw a chart the other day, our real unemployment–because you have ninety million people that aren’t working. Ninety-three million to be exact. If you start adding it up, our real unemployment rate is 42%. We have a lot of room. We have a lot of people who want to work.

Since there are around 38 million blacks in the US and he claims 93 million are out of work, this cannot be true unless every black man, woman, and child is out of work three times. BTW, the 93 Million figure came from a report on non-workers, not unemployed workers. Even using this bogus number comes to under 30% unemployment.

He should have mastered this level of math by 5th grade. If you look at the ~5% unemployment figure, this is a reasonable number. When the unemployment drops below 3% we'll be under severe inflationary pressure.

Comment Re:Gov't data (Score 3, Interesting) 460

I totally agree. However, you only need an elementary level in math to realize that something is amiss with Trumps numbers. For example, he claims that up to 42% in the US are out of work. Anyone with common sense would realize that having least 2 in 5 people out of work is absurd. In order to get to a figure like that, you would have to include every man, woman, and child over the age of 9. This includes retirees, students, handicapped, and other categories that can't or choose not to work. So to get that number down to a reasonable number, he would have to put children and retirees to work. I'll bet that he backtracks on this number and accepts the 5% unemployment very soon.

Comment Re:Bigoted much? (Score 1) 404

I did and don't see any credible rebuttal. My personal opinion is somewhere in-between. I neither trust the intelligence report nor the conspiracy pundits. Both latch onto an enemy and attach vague attributes to justify their position. I don't think the report is grasping at straws but I personally feel that they didn't drive the nail in the coffin.

Comment Re: OK, now DO SOMETHING about it. (Score 1) 693

There is evidence that an East - West facing roof can be effective as well. It took me a year of searching to find this property with little solar obstruction and the perfect orientation. That was after ten years of research for the best materials at a reasonable cost. Friends have good results on existing houses. Do what works best for you and your wallet.

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