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Submission + - 18 million hits per day, with a small Linux server (

ggarron writes: When you are developing websites for customers, they usually ask for features, they really do not need.
It's your job to try to convince them to keep dynamic content at a minimum.
The reason?
Money, they can save a lot of money in hosting expenses, here is how a small server can manage millions of hits per day.
The key? "Static content".


Submission + - USPS Losing Battle Against the E-mail Age ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: An article in the NY Times explains how the United States Postal Service is in dire financial straits, and will need emergency action from Congress to forestall a shutdown later this year. Postmaster General Patrick Donahue said simply, 'If Congress doesn't act, we will default.' Labor agreements prohibiting layoffs are preventing one avenue for reducing costs, and laws forbidding postage rates from surpassing inflation rates keeps income down. On top of that, the proliferation of e-mail and online bill-paying services have contributed to a 22% reduction in snail-mail volume since 2006. They're currently hoping for legislation that would relax their economic requirements and considering an end to Saturday delivery.

Submission + - Microsoft Helped Tunisian Regime Spy On Citizens ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A document courtesy of the recent Cablegate leak reveals that Microsoft provided training to the Tunisian Ministries of Justice and the Interior in exchange for exemption from the country's open software policy. These Ministries would soon put the training to use by phishing for the social networking credentials of bloggers, reporters, political activists and protesters. Microsoft's assistance resulted in the sale of 12,000 software licenses to the Tunisian government.

Submission + - HP moves WebOS from PC group: What is afoot? (

GMGruman writes: "Over the weekend, HP execs posted statements announcing the transfer of WebOS from the PC group that produced the now-killed TouchPad tablet and other mobile devices to HP's Office of Strategy and Technology. Is that a new lifeline for WebOS? Or, as analyst Trip Chowdhry suggested, is WebOS a pawn in a Shakespearean corporate game by HP CEO Léo Apotheker in a battle with "lazy" HP execs? The signals point to the latter."
Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - Farewell to Windows (

An anonymous reader writes: Hi, My name is Guillermo.
I've met windows in the 90s, I've started with 3.11, then I've used '95, '98, XP and others flavors.
Some days ago I've said I must stop using Windows as it is killing me.
I've been clean for one week.


Submission + - Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" first release candidate. ( 1

ggarron writes: The Debian team announced today, that the first release candidate of the Debian 6.0 "Squeeze" is ready and published.
You can start downloading it for testing purposes from:

According to the press release, some languages and keyboard support have been added in this release.

And you can read the full announcement here:


Submission + - How to find which process is eating memory | Linux ( 1

ggarron writes: "If you are running out of RAM on your Linux system, you will want to find the culprit in order to solve the problem, either by reconfiguring the RAM-hungry application or by stopping it."

"We'll use ps, awk, head and sort with a pipe, to find out which application is consuming our RAM"

"List running processes ordered by RAM usage"

ps aux | awk '{print $2, $4, $11}' | sort -k2rn | head -n 20


Submission + - Interview with Debian Developer Raphaël Hertz (

An anonymous reader writes: "If you could spend all your time on Debian what would you work for? — I would try to fix the 400 bugs filed against dpkg."

"What’s the biggest problem of Debian?

"Our project identity is somewhat minimalistic. It evolves around the social contract and the Debian Free Software Guidelines. Both documents answer the question of what we’re doing but we lack a clear answer to the question of how we’re supposed to work towards our goals. It would be great if Debian could agree on some principles concerning topics like goal setting, collaboration, team work, politeness, respect. We could then advertise those and build on them while recruiting volunteers.

"What’s the biggest problem of Linux?

"I’m always annoyed when some new hardware doesn’t work. It’s painful to have to google around to find out a solution. Sometimes you need a newer kernel, sometimes you need to build custom modules for your kernel, sometimes you need a firmware for a driver that you already have, sometimes you need a newer version of Xorg, etc."

Submission + - USB stick for Techs 1

SmoothBreaker writes: Slashdot readers, I'm working on a project for both my own company and my current full time employer, where we will have a usb stick loaded with apps and utilities to be used on systems to set parameters, troubleshoot, etc. However, the desired level of control is to restrict the drive to write permissions and allow the programs to run, but require only certain users to delete data from them, to prevent accidental deletions of the files and yet be ubiquitous across user machines and any domain. I havent found anything that seems to quite address that level of control. Am I missing a good solution, or is this only a pipe dream?

Submission + - Arch Linux reviews

An anonymous reader writes: Arch Linux current version is 2010.05, but Arch Linux is a rolling release distribution, so this version is only the snapshot of the Installation image, Arch Linux is suited for the experienced Linux user, but the mid-experienced user may also try it.
There are a lot of good reviews of it, I have found these two really interesting ones.

Arch Linux Review Which basically covers a good general description about its philosophy, the rolling release, the community and other topics.

Arch Linux 2010.05 [review] Which covers mainly the installation process, and has also step by step screenshots, for the KDE installation.

Submission + - 76% of big business is getting more Linux servers (

Cussin_IT writes: Networkworld has an article on the uptake of linux servers.
According to the article, 76% of large organisations are planning to add linux servers, while only 41% are adding windows servers (presumably this means 17% are adding both) over the next year. And in the next 5 years the percentage adding windows servers drops to 21%.


Submission + - Investors Bet Small On Social Startups (

itwbennett writes: According to data released Wednesday by research firm CB Insights, venture capital investments in Internet start-ups stalled in Q3 (total number of deals was the same as in Q2, while the total dollar amount dropped). Blogger Chris Nurney has pulled out some of the highlights: California netted 44% of all deals and 50% of investments; The top Internet sector was social (14% of all deals, 11% of all VC money); Gaming 'falls of the map', with no deals in Q3. 'One thing that stands out as you look at the data is that the average investment in a social networking start-up is smaller than the average investment in more enterprise-critical sectors such as business analytics, data storage and cloud computing,' says Nurney. 'So social is big, but investors are placing smaller bets.'
User Journal

Journal Journal: First Journal entry

This is going to be my "Hello World" /. journal post. I did not know about this, and that is kind of weird, as I am a /. reader since three years ago. I have even submitted some news to the stream. But that is old story, now I know it, I will try to share some of my thoughts here, and enter this great and exclusive community. Thanks Slashdot for the opportunity.

Submission + - ssh public key only authentication (

ggarron writes: OpenSSH key public key authentication, let users log into server without the need to use their user's passwords.

It is possible to disable any other form of login into server, and let available only authentication based on ssh public key.

What is achieved, using this method is to avoid password break by brute force attacks.

For this method to work, three steps should be taken.

        Create a pair public / private key ssh
        Disable root login in the server
        Disable password login for any other user in the server


Submission + - Sun (Now Oracle) VirtualBox: An Observation (

ggarron writes: "Back to the issue: for my virtual machine, I used to use VMWare, but I switched over to Sun (now Oracle) VirtualBox several years ago. Generally, I’ve been quite happy with VirtualBox.".....

Today I ran up against one of those apparently persistent, long-lived bugs in VirtualBox that threatens to derail my productivity for at least a few more hours. Here’s the background: I created the VirtualBox VM that I am currently using about 3 years ago. At that time, it seemed like a good idea to use a fixed 10GB virtual disk drive for the XP C: drive in VirtualBox when I was building it. Don’t ask why, it just seemed like a good idea at the time."

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