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Submission + - Improbable announce massive distributed simulations OS (

ggambett writes: From the article: It's not really an operating system, so much as a software layer running on distributed hardware that lets you build scalable data simulations and worlds that are persistent. If this sounds complex, it’s because it is. In gaming parlance, the concept is best explained in the context of massively multiplayer worlds – up until now, the available technology has placed hard limits on how many players can co-exist in a virtual world at any one time. SpatialOS is designed to change all that.

SpatialOS could, for instance, let us build digital sandboxes to simulate the complex impact of driverless cars on a city, or build huge worlds to explore in virtual reality, or let a small development company build an epic MMO game with a landscape the size of Wales that evolves whether you're in it or not.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 596

What happens is even if that customer data is only weighted as 0.001% as important as their other metrics, if that customer data is the ONLY data they have for these bogus search terms, this would happen

Or they could say "we're so far below the confidence threshold that we should report no results found"...

Comment Dark Sun (SSI Gold Box) (Score 1) 89

For years I've wanted to port Dark Sun I and II to modern architectures. Since the games have been released as freeware a few years ago, I don't think there's any good reason to avoid such a port; however, I've been unable to track down someone who can give me access to the source code (and I have good reasons to believe it does exist somewhere).

If anyone happens to know who may be contacted regarding this, please let me know...

Comment Re:Biggest Announcement (Score 1) 1184

Hey, I think the Farmville thing *is* significant, because the client is written in Flash... I wonder how do they get it running on the iPhone. A full rewrite is the most obvious possibility, but I wonder if there's a more interesting technology there.

Comment Re:Seven years for eight hours work (Score 1) 380

Argh. My example with triangles was just that, an example. I was talking about "the nature of proof" and the impossibility to prove something doesn't exist suggested by the parent post. What I said can be expressed as "once you prove P(X) is true for all X, you can trivially prove that an X for which P(X) is false doesn't exist". Let me repeat that : ONCE YOU PROVE. I wasn't discussing whether or not you CAN prove it, or under what conditions you can prove it (I obviously assumed euclidean axioms), for my example that proof is part of the hypothesis. My example with triangles (which is valid, BTW, because by saying "once you prove" I automatically implied a set of axioms where you *can* prove it) was supposed to make my point easier to understand by lowering the abstraction level at which I was expressing it, but looks like no matter how low the abstraction level goes, some people go to great lengths to NOT understand it :(

Comment Re:Seven years for eight hours work (Score 1) 380

Read carefully. I said "once you prove". If you *can* *prove* that, the non-existence proof trivially follows. You can obviously prove it starting from euclidean axioms, but you can't prove it with your set of axioms (euclidian minus the uniqueness of parallel lines?), so your comment doesn't apply to what I said. Who's the troll?

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