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Submission + - Autonomous Robot Live Tweets Tropical Storm Iselle (

An anonymous reader writes: "While residents of the Big Island of Hawaii prepared for the possible threat of Hurricane Iselle and Hurricane Julio — two storms that could've marked a meteorological phenomenon "unprecedented in modern hurricane records" by both directly hitting the Hawaiian Islands — one robot helped people across the world stay informed through Twitter.

You can tweet the Wave Glider — a robot that uses the surface wave motion and solar power to propel itself forward through the ocean collecting data, created by Liquid Robotics — and it will reply back with information regarding its current surroundings off the coast of the Big Island."

Comment Exercise Watch Potential (Score 4, Interesting) 327

Definitely something for the atypical slashdotter, but if Apple can bring something to the market which combines iOS, the Nike+t, the Fit Bit, and/or the Suunto Core they could potentially capture a good portion of the exercise watch / band market. Current options aren't truly versatile (e.g. hiking, running, backpacking, daily activity), but combine this with Apple's UI and they could produce a very interesting product that I'm likely to try.

Yes, I've looked at Motorola's GPS watches and was far from impressed.

Comment Easy Credit Course? (Score 1) 605

Sounds like a course for easy credits, so insert your own assumptions here and please be nice.

I finished my post-grad about a year ago at a highly ranked public university for my specific scientific field. The third/fourth year courses I taught had exceptionally bright students, where said courses were not easy credits. I would disagree with the premise of your statement based on experience, but I'm also distanced from public high schools. You may be seeing the effect of poor preparation at that level.

Comment The carriers don't care. (Score 2) 171

If the carriers were what most of us want, i.e. dumb pipes, then we could possibly own our phones and upgrade them in a much easier fashion (so long as the hardware manufacturer is still providing updates).

Verizon's treatment of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been an eye opening experience and I'm still trying to figure out an alternative solution.

Comment Why game on anything other than Windows? (Score 5, Interesting) 332

Because having the freedom to choose is good.

Disclaimer: I avidly use Steam on OSX, but I'm constantly frustrated with it's buggy state. If the linux client proves to be better over time (with a good offering of games) I'll be upgrading my linux box and going that route.

Submission + - Swimming robot reaches Australia after record-breaking trip (

SternisheFan writes: A self-controlled swimming robot has completed a journey from San Francisco to Australia. The record-breaking 9,000 nautical mile (16,668km) trip took the PacX Wave Glider just over a year to achieve. Liquid Robotics, the US company behind the project, collected data about the Pacific Ocean's temperature, salinity and ecosystem from the drone. The company said its success demonstrated that such technology could "survive the high seas". The robot is called Papa Mau in honour of the late Micronesian navigator Pius "Mau" Piailug, who had a reputation for finding ways to navigate the seas without using traditional equipment. "During Papa Mau's journey, [it] weathered gale-force storms, fended off sharks, spent more than 365 days at sea, skirted around the Great Barrier Reef, and finally battled and surfed the east Australian current to reach his final destination in Hervey Bay, near Bundaberg, Queensland," the company said in a statement. Some of the data it gathered about the abundance of phytoplankton -plant-like organisms that convert carbon dioxide into oxygen and provide food for other sea life -could already be monitored by satellite. However, the company suggested that its equipment offered more detail, providing a useful tool for climate model scientists.

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