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Comment Re:Just pay attention already. (Score 2) 262

Sorry but if the point of the study is to find out whether using Siri is dangerous, then the test should reflect typical usage. No one's interested in a study that shows whether or not Siri was designed to be dangerous, only whether it is. Your example is stupid because virtually no one drives a car with their knees, if many drove in this manner it would be a perfectly valid thing to test.

Comment Re:They lied about it running out of power. (Score 0) 385

Great, another person who thinks that if you don't find a british show absolutely hilarious you must be a simple minded moron, it couldn't possibly be because the show's hosts aren't funny. Also, your comparison with a cooking show is stupid, a better comparison would be if the chef put BRAND X chicken into the oven, pulled it out and fed it to people who got sick. Then admitted it was all staged to show what could happen if the chicken were undercooked.

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Orbiter spots 'dry ice' snowflakes falling on Red Planet - Christian Science Mon (google.com)

Christian Science Monitor

Orbiter spots 'dry ice' snowflakes falling on Red Planet
Christian Science Monitor
A spacecraft orbiting Mars has detected carbon dioxide snow falling on the Red Planet, making Mars the only body in the solar system known to host this weird weather phenomenon. The snow on Mars fell from clouds around the planet's south pole during ...
Curiosity Rover Captures Martian EclipseWired
Curiosity rover captures amazing photograph of Martian moon moving across the ... Daily Mail
What Are the 'Puzzling Little Martian Spheres' Found on the Red Planet?TheBlaze.com
Scientific Computing-Register
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Submission + - Google's Spanner - Database that knows what time it is (gigaom.com)

vu1986 writes: "Google has made public the details of its Spanner database technology, which allows a database to store data across multiple data centers, millions of machines and trillions of rows. But it’s not just larger than the average database, Spanner also allows applications that use the database to dictate where specific data is stored so as to reduce latency when retrieving it.

Making this whole concept work is what Google calls its True Time API, which combines an atomic clock and a GPS clock to timestamp data so it can then be synched across as many data centers and machines as needed."

Comment Re:Missing Option: "Forgot password?" (Score 1) 414

"And the rest of us appreciate the fact that you frequently let web sites e-mail unencrypted passwords to you. :-" If you change your password straight away after having it reset, there's no problem. Unless the MITM acts within seconds to change it first. I've no problem with this method, use stupidly long, complex passwords, and change them every time.

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