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Comment Re:Will the amusement park let people in for free? (Score 1) 120

I agree, this guy wants to piece together a system of at best 'as is' for warranty, put it into public space where real emergency announcements being delivered means someone lives versus death if the system decides it could only run for 87 days (82 more days than tested in a back server room for a week) and dies on the 88th day when the tornado decides to visit and no one can be warned to get to a shelter. Just what I expect when I lay out money to go for a ride, that free is driving. Even the mouse ears would not do this

Comment Re:Selection of the sexiest v survival of the fitt (Score 2) 374

More and more earth citizens are choosing sex partners than mating partners. People are having more sex but less children. Look at Japan, they do not have a sustainable birthrate. Then you have religions that force their people to have more babies so they become the majority only so their religious practices can be protected.

Comment Space was all for military contractors (Score 1) 104

If the Soviet Union was not pushing the US into space we would never of gotten there by now. All the large military contractors were also part the the moon race and they all benefited greatly by the US citizens thinking it was national pride to make it to the moon before the Soviet Union (oh and gave great amounts of money to make it happen). Now there is no great threat to get the US citizens all worked up about so it is hard for Joe or Jane politician to keep money in real science. I say we need to stage a war in outer space so that we can start spending our money on our future. Pretty soon someone will figure out how to blow the earth up so the sooner the better!

Comment Finding a planet is easy, finding life may be hard (Score 1) 331

Long distance observations are becoming more and more precise but the chances of finding evidence of intelligent life is very slim. We have been listening for radio waves from outer space for about 60 years when AT&T was experimenting with microwave technology. That is a very small amount of time compared to the billions of years the Earth has been in the habitable zone of our solar system.

We are expecting another world to be transmitting at a power level for us on Earth to hear it. As our own human species matures on Earth our actual transmitted radio waves have been getting less powerful as we both perfect radio transmission and move away from radio transmission to fiber optic and other terrestrial types of communicating. Probably our highest powered transmissions into outer space was when we exploded Atomic bombs above ground and this was for maybe 30 or 40 years total. The chances that some other planet was listening during that time would be more astronomical than there being life on other planets outside of our solar system. And, there was no intelligence in the explosions for another planet to believe it was from intelligent life. The white noise of our universe that AT&T first heard 60 years ago is from billions and billions of hugely powerful star events that would easily wipe out all life on earth if we were just a few light years away from the smallest of these events.

So thinking that we will be able to hear evidence of life outside our solar system by listening to radio waves that make it to earth is a little far fetched though not impossible. I don't think we should stop for there might be some form of galactic space travelers that are purposely transmitting to earth a welcome message or such though if they have the technology to do so I don't think the human species will be able to understand it yet.

But, I think we as a species needs to accept the fact that space travel is the only way we will preserve our human race. This earth is doomed as our star has a limited life span. I know it may be millions or billions of years before the sun eliminates life on earth but it will happen. The sooner we accept this the sooner we will be ready to make the leap into outer space, that or die off as the sun dies off.

Comment Can you say "Plutocracy"? (Score 2) 268

I agree with all the posters here that have seen where America is going. It is no longer a multi party democracy. When was the last time Americans had any control of important legislation? Where was the vote on the Health Care Plan that Obama pushed through with his majority vote?

This country no longer is controlled by the citizens. At least at my state level I can vote on certain state initiatives but I did not get a chance to vote on the Health Care Plan and the Health Care Plan will wind up costing me more than any state initiative. Just as Bush was given the green light for going to war from the big defense industry, Obama was given the green light from the health insurance industry, who by the way the health insurance industry will gain the most as the 30 million or so people that don't want insurance or was just managing to put food on the table for their family instead of paying high insurance rates will now be forced to pay high insurance rates and let their family die of starvation.

Obama did not get the chance to design the right health care system for the right one would limit the public health insurance options. There was billions of dollars spent behind doors that we voting Americans will never see. The people in control will never show themselves. They hide behind their money and corporations getting richer and richer all the while our jobs are going overseas, our gas is getting more expensive and the security of our families is going away.

Comment Re:From company men.... (Score 1) 100

And the companies considering this are already looking to get or keep tax breaks under the stimulus program. What difference to a CEO see between a new face on a robot or a human? I bet they are already scheming with American robot manufacturers to get a tax break for buying a US made robot instead of an import.

Comment Changes the concept of office sex (Score 0) 100

So if the office girl/boy is going to be replaced by the office robot what is top management supposed to do when they need oral sex? I hope the robot builders are taking this into consideration. And how are all the cubies supposed to increase their feeling of superiority it they can not pickup the office girl/boy for a cheap fling?

Comment And the winners are: Governments and businesses (Score 2) 383

All these skiddies are doing is providing fodder to the politicians to enforce more internet control. The governments will get more in bed with every internet hub and access point in their respective countries to monitor all traffic and block encrypted traffic (that they don't have the keys for) and traffic that looks like a hacking or DDoS attack. We will all be paying higher taxes and higher access charges to use what was the open internet. Don't get me wrong, I think the release of these docs is warranted but I don't think the hacking going on right now is doing anyone any good. What good is this going to do for internet users? And this is the problem, the juveniles doing what they think is hacking is just making things worse for the one thing they rely upon, open access.

Scientists To Breed the Auroch From Extinction 277

ImNotARealPerson writes "Scientists in Italy are hoping to breed back from extinction the mighty auroch, a bovine species which has been extinct since 1627. The auroch weighed 2,200 pounds (1000kg) and its shoulders stood at 6'6". The beasts once roamed most of Asia and northern Africa. The animal was depicted in cave paintings and Julius Caesar described it as being a little less in size than an elephant. A member of the Consortium for Experimental Biotechnology suggests that 99% of the auroch's DNA can be recreated from genetic material found in surviving bone material. Wikipedia mentions that researchers in Poland are working on the same problem."

Comment Re:Not really (Score 2, Interesting) 322

I agree with this Anonymous Coward that the radio controls for the actual communications are firewalled from any app writter. What I don't understand is why someone has not come out with a sidekick to the cellphone that runs on a compact linux box. I mean there are linux servers that are no bigger then an ac outlet, why not continue the idea and create apps on this sidekick that only use the bandwidth of the cellphone through a USB or bluetooth connection. I could see many different apps running on this sidekick with a IPod like touch screen that the carriers would not be able to control. The sidekick would be another thing to carry, but it would bypass this app approval from the cell phone carrier. But, I think every carrier is actively monitoring their data band to ensure apps are not running that conflict with their pay apps. Look at what problems google has had with offering voice in the data band of a cell phone. I get unlimited data from my carrier for less then unlimited voice plans. I can do conference calls and transfers and other features with the data side that the carrier charges for in the voice band.

Comment seed the planets (Score 2, Insightful) 452

NASA's mistake in sending the last rovers to Mars was not to bring some gold, raw diamonds and black gold to seed the surface and report these as discoveries on the planetâ(TM)s surface. You would have De Beers, Mobile and a dozen other companies spending their profits from extorting us, their loyal customers, for a good cause this time. The American tax payer would not have to spend a dime to support the new space frontier

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