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Comment Because bunkers are so effective against siege... (Score 1) 332

Which is the easiest way to take out the bunker's inhabitants. Bonus points for finding the air intakes and building a nice smoky fire in front, or a pumping in pure C02 or nitrogen.

Extra bonus points for taking out the water supply.

Castles failed in the middle ages. Bunkers will fail now, and for the same reasons.

Comment The only think that will fix this is to assume... (Score 1) 185

...corruption universally. If you work for the government or one of its contractors, you should be filmed at all times, and have all your texts and emails monitored. A parallel law for the private sector should kick in for executives.

Is that intrusive? Yes, that's the point. Would it work? Not perfectly, but it would knock out a lot of casual corruption and catch quite a few of the more egregious abusers, particularly in the defense industry and the three letter agencies.

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 280

If they can, and they're interested, they are probably already learning about us without our consent. I'm sure we'll make a tidy little entry in a very large database and be used for comparison purposes in some starving PHD candidate alien's thesis. We may even appear near the top of the bibliography.

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 280

I'm making what seem like reasonable guesses based on the assumption that we're completely ordinary as tool using, sentient species go and while individual differences exist, physics and the nature of the problems to be solved will impose very similar restrictions on any sentient species seeking to engage in space travel.

Comment With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 4, Interesting) 280

There's no possibility that aliens capable of FTL would find us remotely interesting. Once you get to that technology, energy and resource problems either have been solved, or become very easily solvable. In addition, given that FTL is far more likely to be developed using AI rather than human intelligence, space faring races (if they bother to be space faring) are more likely to be 2nd order intelligences (i.e. artificial intelligences),rather than 1st order, genetically based naturally developing intelligences).

Bottom line? To space faring AIs, we're squirrels. Our nuts are safe. Really.

Comment Outsourcing a national security risk? Shock! (Score 1) 252


Anyone who's not a moron or a well bribed congresscritter or defense contractor has figured out that getting people in foreign countries involved in American technology with military operations is a huge vulnerability.

Think China or Russia buy mass quantities of military hardware and software from the USA? Surprise answer. Almost none.

Guess why?

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