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Comment Re:Oh god another version (Score 2) 161

Shorter release cycles also means less radical changes from release to release. So, add-on developers should in theory have to do less work with each new version as compared to 3->4. The same goes for web developers, I doubt any radical changes will be done to Gecko in release cycles as short as 6 weeks.

Comment Re:The industry can take all the time it needs (Score 1) 313

I've been using 8 x 2TB WD Green disks in RAID 5 (mdadm) on a JBOD controller for a while now and I've never had this happen. Maybe the controller keeps them spun up at all times or that WD has fixed it in firmware (since all these disks were manufactured in June 2010 or later). Either way, disks never drop out of the RAID and sequential read/write easily exceeds 300MB/s.

Infinity Ward Lead Developers Axed Unexpectedly 276

RogueyWon writes "Kotaku is reporting that Infinity Ward, the development studio behind Modern Warfare 2, has been at the center of strange events recently. Jason West and Vince Zampella, two lead developers, have been fired by parent company Activision for 'breaches of contract and insubordination.' Speculation is rife as to the reasons behind this; following Modern Warfare 2's spectacular sales figures, it seems unlikely that the studio's performance could be to blame."
The Internet

Submission + - Opera 10.50 released (opera.com)

gertin writes: Opera has now released their final build of 10.50 for Windows (builds for Mac and Linux will follow soon), after doing 5 release candidates in less than 36 hours. The reason for the fast development cycle is presumably because Opera wanted to get their new version out in time for Microsofts browser ballot screen, which is being pushed out soon. The company is claiming that the new version is the "fastest browser ever". Benchmarks of the beta done by Opera and ZDNet supports this claim, and showed that even the beta was leading over other browsers in most cases. How the final version compares remains to be seen.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Playstation 3 glitch fixed; due to erroneous leap (itworld.com)

An anonymous reader writes: A quick update on the widespread Playstation 3 glitch. As of tonight (Monday, March 1st) the problem has resolved itself. I powered up the PS3 to find the clock was set to April 29th, 2020, but once I went into the system menu and and set the system to set the date and time via the internet I got an accurate date. That seems to be the test of whether your PS3 is 'fixed' or not; Sony says you should be all set.

Comment Tunnel the traffic (Score 4, Informative) 312

Set up a server at home or rent one where you can run OpenVPN and/or SSH and tunnel your traffic through it. OpenVPN supports LZO compression aswell, which might help a bit when you're low on bandwidth. I would also suggest that you encrypt the drive on your netbook with TrueCrypt or similar software in case you loose it.

Submission + - Microsoft Not Affected by GPLv3 After All? (arstechnica.com)

something_wicked_thi writes: ArsTechnica has posted an article that offers a counterpoint to the Groklaw coverage of Microsoft's statement regarding whether they are subject to the terms of the GPL. The ArsTechnica article takes the stance that the FSF might be wrong in their assessment of the situation and that Microsoft probably has not done anything to subject themselves to the GPL but are being cautious nonetheless.

The Groklaw article starts by suggesting the statement is laughable and seems to offer little evidence to support this conclusion. On the other hand, the ArsTechnica article has a more traditional style of journalism. Could Microsoft have a point, after all?


Submission + - Piratebay (sort of) going down

muffen writes: It seems like the Swedish police came up with a new idea for blocking PirateBay, confirmed by the swedish police.
Basically, the Swedish police maintains a list of child pornography sites in Sweden, and on a voluntary basis, the ISP's in Sweden block access to the sites. This week, PirateBay will be part of the list so almost every ISP in Sweden will block access to said site.

Since the news leaked, the swedish police website has not been reachable and is suspected to be under a DoS attack. Furthermore, several sites in Sweden, most of them belonging to sport-clubs, have been hacked and the page replaced with the page you get if you are on the Swedish child pornography blocklist.

It should be noted that the people behind PirateBay hasn't argued against the child pornography claims (also, some links are to Swedish webpages, the links in the story are going via Systran for the English translation).

Submission + - Google Developing New Social Networking Site (blogspot.com)

* * Beatles-Beatles writes: "http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2007/07/googles-s ocial-networking-projects.html

Google already has a social network (orkut), but it's only popular in Brazil and India, doesn't have a Googlish interface and had a lot of security problems in the past. That's why last year Google sponsored a project at the Carnegie Mellon University's Human-Computer Interaction Institute whose initial goal was to "rethink and reinvent online social networking"."

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