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Comment Re:Not Very Comparable (Score 2, Informative) 227

Compaq's upper level management's arguments about Itanium's inevitability in the marketplace and economies of scale are a prime example of how you should never let management make decisions of real consequence. I listened to meetings at Compaq where not a single engineer in the crowd agreed with management, but there was nothing they could do. Everyone knew that the game was over simply because a bunch of morons with MBAs thought Intel was unbeatable and they wanted to give up.

We couldn't understand it until much later, when it turned out to be obvious that they wanted to kill Alpha so they could eventually merge with HP. Another move done for purely political reasons, not business or technology reasons.

HP on the other hand, probably knew that Alpha was a decent chip, but figured they could reap the benefits of having Intel taking over most of the Alpha engineers. Tru64 was successfully ported to Itanium, and then promptly killed. Because it wasn't HPs technology, they had no interest. They also killed the TruCluster product for political reasons, and let the technology disappear. It was all a big tragedy.

Comment Re:Incorrect premise (Score 1) 945

I was recently at a NYC coffee shop using some WiFi and relaxing on my day off, but checking my work mail with my wholly unhip Dell laptop from work. Out of the 6 people using the WiFi, I was the only person not using an Apple. It made me think that the only reason people buy a Macintosh is to use it in coffee houses.

Comment Is this really worthwhile? (Score 1) 121

I don't get it. Are people in your company using Wikipedia so much in their daily work that this would really be useful. Just set up your internal wiki. It is your focal point. Why try and integrate the two beyond just making a link to Wikipedia? Using Mediawiki, you can even use Interwiki links to easily link outside of your internal wiki.

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