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Submission + - Europeans going away from IE? (

gerilart writes: France follows Germany in a move away from IE citing vulnerabilities that lead to attack on Google. Will other EU countries do the same? Are other browsers ready to take IE market share?

Comment Re:Race goes on (Score 1) 219

If this the case, why majority of air lined do not use Russian made aircrafts? Safety has nothing to do with government. It is as good as safety protocols and rigorousness of safety clearance process. In all cases of space shuttle disasters blame is on government not contractors who made the shuttle. The NASA management decided that Discovery was safe to launch not engineers. With Columbia it was similar. There was no inherent problem with design of the shuttle that caused disintegration during reentry.

Submission + - Sandisk suit to higher memory prices? (

gerilart writes: "Sandisk is suing most of the memory makers for patent infringement and demand to stop imports. Sandisk wants the US International Trade Commission to block import of memory from the following firms: ACP-EP Memory, A-Data, Apacer, Behavior Computer (d/b/a Emprex), Buffalo, Chipsbank, Corsair Memory, Dane-Elec,Edge, Imation/Memorex, Interactive Media (d/b/aKanguru), Kaser, Kingston, LG Electronics, Phison Electronics, PNY, PQI, Silicon Motion, Skymedi, Transcend, TSR (d/b/a T.One), USBest, Verbatim, Welldone Company, and Zotek/Zodata (d/b/a Huke). Will it increase memory prices? How about OEM computer manufacturers? There is not many mainstream companies left (Geil, Patriot, Micron, SimpleTech)"

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