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Comment put the display on glasses (Score 1) 126

I wear glasses already, so I'm already used to it.
And frankly, I don't want anyone messing with my eyes.
Plus when it's broken you would not need a surgeon
And putting it on the glasses also solves the peripheral vision problem! If they can make the display small enough to fit in the eye, it's not really harder to make a non intrusive display on glasses.

Comment Re:Developers (Score 1) 178

Here is my dream: I go for a one hour walk each day in nature before starting my work day, and could use a voice system through my headphones:
listen to email, do short replies, flag some emails for later action, etc ...
I would then start the day with probably 20 times less items in my inbox which would be great!
As long as it does not eat up 100% of the free time I have...

Comment Re:I gave gifts like this once. Everyone hated the (Score 1) 377

thanks for sharing that with us. I'll keep this in mind.
Maybe what should be put on those usb keys is data more than software.
open source books.
pictures of family event.
videos of family events.
software only for the guy you know is a nerve, and especially if he does not have a good Internet connection. Eclipse for your nephew starting to program, Gimp for the one into pictures and special effects. AND OFFER YOUR TIME TO INSTALL AND EXPLAIN THE SOFTWARE, THAT'S THE TRUE GIFT!

Also, I would fill each key with things targeted to the person you're giving it to. Make it feel personal.

Comment Re:Germans bought way too much into the Arteest th (Score 1) 349

I think people have absolutely no idea what artist lives are like, especially painters. And the replies i got to my post show it clearly.
Most painters live in misery all their lives, selling their paintings for almost nothing.
Then a few become famous, and it's mostly the art industry that make money off of them.
Sorry, but the car analogy does not work here!!!
The Germans are doing something in the right direction to try to get the money to the artists instead of to the resellers.
It may not be perfect, but it's better than the system we have in other countries.
In the music industry, no one is surprised to see that the artist or their kids get some money decades after they created a music. The Germans are trying to do a bit of this for painters, I say it goes in the right direction.

Comment clarifying (Score 2) 493

it's 80% of electricity energy that comes from Nuclear power in France.
it's not 80% of ALL energy.
Also, any nuclear plant has to be by a very big source of water for cooling. So any nuclear plant on earth is at risk of flooding. It's not a French specific problem.

Comment Re:Germans bought way too much into the Arteest th (Score 2) 349

It's not a bad idea after all. Look at this scenario:
An artist does a painting, sells it while he's not famous for a thousand euros, then some time later he becomes famous and his painting is sold to a new owner for a million euros.
Shouldn't the artist get some of that money? or should only the "art industry" feed on it?

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