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Comment Very true (Score 1) 135

This is a great summary/article. And lets be honest here, most 'office' based people only have so much they really need to do on their current projects. You can sit at your desk for hours making work, writing emails, or sit though endless meetings where nothing is decided and the action plan in the minutes always unashamedly reads "x to report back next week with a final decision", when that decision was the purpose of the meeting. Contrast this with the more "Scandinavian" model where people come in, figure out what needs to be decided and work together to sort it out as directly as possible, and quite often end up getting home by quarter to five to see their kids come in. And I don't mean they're trying to minimise their work contribution - its just that unless you're kidding yourself about how important you are, there really isn't that much to do! Of course the exception here is the creative individuals who choose to work much more than they need for their own satisfaction. But often the bosses won't know they are anyway so I don't think the article applies to them. In the UK I think we have it about half way between the US and Scandinavian models, although neither are anywhere near as bad as Hong Kong, where meetings can last ALL DAY (up to 8pm), and you walk out realising that nothing was decided and a new event has appeared on your calender - same time next week!

Comment Re:LOL (Score 5, Interesting) 413

Whether it is snakeoil or not remains to be seen. However, the hardware spec featuring a well regarded ESS Sabre digital to analogue converter and seperate output stages for headphone and line-level loads looks well thought out. The prospect of an extensive high-resolution music catalogue to support the hardware capabilities shows some potential. Over hyped? Yes of course. Celebrity endorsed rip-off? Maybe not - I think this is genuinely a product spawned from an artist's vision. Final thought. Over $1M in 24 hrs, How bloody amazing is Kickstarter?

Submission + - After 15 years, community favourite Winamp is no more. ( 1

georgeaperkins writes: Starting on December 20, 2013, Winamp will no longer be available for download. One of the most popular and influential media players during the 1990s, Nullsoft's Winamp played back mp3s for budding p2p pirates around the world.
Sorry to see it go — I fondly remember the thousands of community created skins (some better than others) and visualisations.

Submission + - How one man turns annoying cold calls into cash (

georgeaperkins writes: A man targeted by marketing companies is making money from cold calls with his own premium-rate phone number. So far he's made £300 profit following a £10+VAT initial investment. The premium rate regulator has "strongly discouraged" the practice, as it violates the code of practice. Nevertheless, the novel idea is sure to resonate with slashdotters worn down by mindless cold calling!

Comment The chocolate game (Score 5, Interesting) 327

These 'too good to be true' schemes always take me back to primary school, when there was a letter going round: Free chocolates for everyone: Please send me 1 chocolate and then send this letter to 5 friends. Everyone gets 5 chocolates just for buying one. Amazing! I was so upset when my dad refused to buy me the one chocolate. How could he not understand!!! My friend who gave me the letter was equally outraged with me. Everyone around was getting free chocolates. Of course there were losers in the end. At least I learned an important lesson about schemes which seem too good to be true.

Comment Most pathetic robot of all time? (Score 2) 42

This really is be the most pathetic robot I've ever seen. Seeing it hobble along like the adams family hand - I waited expectantly. Then, it fell pathetically before having ink flow through a tube like life support. Laughable! They might as well have walked up to it and painted it. Makes ASIMO's stair fails look slick. Can anyone share with me some more pathetic robots to brighten my Friday afternoon?

Comment Re:Are open-source desktops losing? (Score 1) 663

You guys really do live in basement caves with little to no grasp of reality.

Agreed. KDE in particular. I think that since Ubuntu's Unity fiasco, KDE/Kubuntu have gained momentum and enjoy a much wider user-base. Open source desktops are increasingly being used by normal folk, not programmers. Even my mum has heard of Linux.

Comment Re:Sick of pi (Score 3, Informative) 55

The pi isn't primarily aimed at robotics enthusiasts with extensive experience in programming arduinos, who just want more IOs to drive steppers. It is a ready to go linux box for £20. The 'TV' display isn,'t a gimmick - its just a HDMI port. You can plug in a HDMI TV or computer monitor. I know what this backlash is about - Its /. readers inherent contempt for any technology which gains massive media attention. I agree its been over-hyped - but it is bloody good.
America Online

Does a Lame E-Mail Address Really Matter? 1049

theodp writes "Over at the Chicago Tribune, freelance writer Nancy Anderson makes an embarrassing confession. It's 2010 and she still has an AOL e-mail address. 'You've got to get rid of that AOL address,' her publicist sister told her five years ago. 'It's bad for your image.' Image, shmimage, Anderson thought. 'If I do good work,' she asks, 'does my e-mail address really matter?' Good question. Would an AOL e-mail address — or another 'toxic' e-mail address — influence your decision to hire someone?"

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