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Submission + - SPAM: Dragon Ball Z Games

george221 writes: Dragon Ball Z games are the continuing sequels to the famous anime series published in the late eighties. Apart from the dubbed series that were available on TV almost twenty years ago, now the gamers not from only Japan but also other countries can easily join the anime maze online. The game series feature adventures and various puzzles as well as battles against villains and magical creatures.
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Submission + - Cat Mario (3catmario.com)

george221 writes: You may have heard something about Super Mario Bros. Yes, it is the game from old years. Everyone remembers and loves this game i believe. Because of the love to this game some people created the Cat Mario — it is the parody of Super Mario Bros. You play with little white cat and there are only six levels but they are too hard to complete. There are traps in every step of journey. So, you can try it yourself.

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