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Comment Re:This was good (Score 1) 244

Yup. I gave up PC based gaming a long time ago. Each flashy new game release seems to require a very expensive upgrade of hardware too.. With consoles the hardware is fixed, guaranteed (more or less) to be identical for a given console, and therefore the experience will be much the same for each user, and game developers are forced to push the hardware rather than upping the specs.

Comment Re:Outrageous (Score 1) 411

The trouble with that law is that it would likely only apply to laws created after itself, and logically it'd be the first law to expire after 10 years. At it's first review it would have had no effect, and thus be unneeded, so removed. Thus never apply to any other law. So it'd be pretty pointless.

Comment Re:Sounds promising... (Score 4, Insightful) 465

This doesn't make Stallman wrong all along. The issue Stallman raised is that the situation was not clear enough to have confidence that freedoms would be safe. If this announcement clears that up (as it appears to do), then the situation is *now* clear, and he can change his view based on new facts. That does not mean that he is then made wrong in his previous statements. This statement has brought the information that many in the community were asking for, it doesn't make them wrong for wanting this.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 526

This was exactly what came to mind when I read this headline. Surely if canada are paying a tax on blank media/ipods, then tough MPAA and RIAA, they've paid for the music already, and if they were to do it here (UK), then I (one who does not pirate music etc) would then feel quite justified in doing so as effectively I've paid. So "piracy" goes up..

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