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Comment Re:Recording devices are banned in McDonalds (Score 1) 1198

Wow. I'm actually surprised, even for /. to see a response like this. First, it is pointed out numerous times that the device is NOT a recorder. The only reason images were stuck in a frame buffer was due to the damage caused by the person who assaulted Mr. Mann. Further, this is a medical device, the visual equivelent of hearing aids. Are we seriously suggesting that people with vision impairment should remain impaired because of ignorance and prejudice? Should thugs at fast food joints be allowed to rip hearing aids out of people's ears because they "don't want to be recorded??" This is total idiocy. The Perp. #1 was provided documentation of the medical nature of the device. Further, even assuming the management has the right in France to use force to evict people from their establishment, how is the assault and damage to the device appropriate? Just stunning the ignorance of the McD staff and this other comment. I often think that cyborg vs. human warfare is merely the stuff of sic-fi and fantasy but this incident leads me to think that we are still far to close to apes jumping about the Monolith than I would prefer. Sad, sad, sad ...

Comment Re:Ticking time bomb (Score 1) 633

You claim that NIMBY is a right wing phenomena, but ask yourself from where this perception came? The NIMBY for nukes is entirely a product of the nuclear freeze movement of the 70s which was a Left wing movement which ignorantly equated nuclear power with nuclear weapons. True, it is still a matter of ignorance but the reason that there have been no nuclear reactors permitted in something like 30 years is not because right wingers are standing in the way. The EPA is a swamp of lefties who would prefer that the Human Race was not allowed on the planet and Harry Reid is the primary roadblock in the way of using a perfect site for nuclear waste disposal, no right winger there. And don't blame me personally. I've got Lithium batteries powering a number of vehicles. I'd love to have someone pay me to put a reactor on my land or drill in my backyard. You place a great deal of faith in consumers to follow the law and the economic incentives to recycle, while I have a great deal of faith in the Left to use lawyers, politics, and disinformation to prevent the full flowering of technology and steer money and industry to their favored constituencies at the expense of the general public. Where I live a vehicle with a useful range of 75 miles is useless and I refuse to be guilted into driving a clown car everytime a blizzard or hurricane comes along. When oil is expensive enough to justify switching to another fuel then I'll look at the options but I don't need my taxes raised to fund technology based on political calculations. Being a libertarian myself I'd prefer the market make these decisions.

Comment Re:Ticking time bomb (Score 1) 633

NiMHi are more toxic than LiIon. Lithium batteries are the next evolution and will probably end up in cars if the EV trend continues. Either way, while I applaud efforts at recycling, when there are hundreds of millions of these things on the road, and when they've been through hundreds of thousands of miles and wear out, they will be parked in many redneck yards on cinder blocks. I don't buy this nice, neat, engineer-ish idea that batteries and their toxic metals will be nicely recycled by the general public. I would also make a point of two things, nuclear power and DDT. Two extremely beneficial technologies which have far more benefit to Mankind than their risks but are demonized by unthinking people. The point of my post is not that batteries cannot be used safely for autos but that end users will not be cooperative in their use of the technology and when some river in the Sticks gets high levels of metals that have leaching into the ground water from the unlicensed battery dump Bubba runs you will see all the enviro whackos and their accomplices in government that confiscated billions of our dollars to give to their union buddies to develop overpriced technology nobody wants to pay for claiming they were duped by "Big Battery" and suing the pants off everybody. The gub'ment will then take more of our confiscated money to hand out to their lawyer buddies in the largest class action lawsuit since the tobacco debacle and K St. and the Beltway Critters will laugh all the way to the bank about all the rubes they fleeced.

Comment Ticking time bomb (Score 2) 633

Just wait for all these toxic Lithium batteries to start hitting landfills. There'll be a NIMBY backlash as bad as nuclear waste disposal. Then all these enviro-whackos will want to start suing all the automakers and spinning yarns of "conspiracy to hide the toxic potential" or some other nonsense. If we just let the market decide on the costs/benefits of these things instead of political correctness then these rolling toxic bombs would never get off the ground. It amazes me the level of gullibility that Leftists have for anything that "replaces oil" or whatever nonsense they spout. How do you think that electricity you charge your Lithium is generated? Since you fools won't let any nuclear plants get built, it all comes from coal and oil. All fool and his money are soon parted ...

Comment What is the point of your education? (Score 1) 583

If you're pursuing a degree in computer SCIENCE, of course advanced math will be involved. Do you really think your favorite C++ development tools just appeared without any math? Do you think Linus gave us the OS Of The Gods without math? If all you want to do is hack databases or keep the network running, why are you getting a CS degree? I can get a Gen-loser to do that job at half your overpriced College Graduate salary and all the Doritos the kid can consume and he won't bother me about "family leave" or 401Ks. He'll do a better job of it than a huge percentage of you graduates as well (ya, I know you don't want clients to see him - that's why I keep him in the dungeon with the fridge and all the porn he can stream).

Comment (Score 1) 589

"government funds to support the change are 'woefully inadequate' " Give me a freakin' bvreak! Of course. Government funds are ALWAYS inadequate. And since when is it the taxpayer's responsibility to pay for people's TV tuners. And, look at the price! If you can't afford the box, how is it you can afford TV! You should be getting off your ass and get a job. I can't believe what a nation of whiners this country has become. Suck it up and buy the box, a new TV, or read a freakin' book and get your damn hands out of my wallet!!!

Comment Typical human response (Score 1) 480

This is the same type of human response which says, "We've observed slightly higher levels of CO2 lately, we've observed slightly higher temperatures lately, humans burn things which create CO2 ... Humans must be destroying the planet!!" The failure of schools to teach critical thinking is what will destroy the planet.

Comment Duh, and duh-er. (Score 2, Insightful) 398

You don't show up for the job interview stoned and wearing a tie dye either. And, "We consider Facebook and MySpace their personal space,' the dean of undergraduate admissions said. 'It would feel somewhat like an invasion of privacy." is just so incredibly stupid. It is a PUBLIC site you morons. If you don't want to be known as a loadie, don't post it. Kids today, (as I sound just like my dad).

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