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Comment ToS Violation (Score 1) 346

I wonder if by installing the software on the school's computer assigned to his son, the father was in violation of some ToS or school rule. I guess it depends on what the ToS is, but it could be technically illegal even by a private citizen. This would be not unlike installing unauthorized software on a work computer and getting canned for it. Maybe?

Comment Re:It smells, like yesterday's fish! (Score 1) 242

There's more to this than a couple disk drives. You need RAID. An enterprise level datastore: EMC, Hitachi, etc. Replication and/or backup. Probably encryption and other security software to protect the data. Chain of evidence handling data. Network and backup resources. The database and application software itself. Support contracts for all of the above hardware and software. The compensation package of the workers (or payments to the contractors) who operate all of this equipment and software. The DEA like many non-IT businesses probably doesn't have the money to put into IT that it should and/or can. It's probably had to spend time and resources moving data around as the Federal government has consolidated its data center footprint. Yeah to my division of my company 5 TB is a drop in the bucket. We piss that kind of money a couple times a week. We don't notice most of these incremental expenses, because we do all this stuff at serious scale and volume. We have a couple million bucks a year for storage capital expenditures.

Comment Re:Quite a large range of safe... (Score 2) 214

A lot of Virginia and North Carolina's power supplied by Dominion power comes from other cheap sources like nuclear and natural gas...Dominon's full list of power generataing stations: The North Anna Nuclear Power Station is about 40-50 miles from Ashburn, VA home to data centers for Amazon, Google, Verizon, and AOL. All of these DCs have complicated sets of diesel generators (even if Amazon's took it's DC down during maintenance). I'd be most worried if the availability of diesel became scarce. When I worked at a big DC, a transfer switch broke that disconnected a room from the Dominion feed. Batteries took over and the generators came online seamlessly. The room ran exclusively on redundant generators for 90 days and each had to be serviced every 30 days days of use. No down time. Many of these even move exclusively to generator power on high demand days at the request of Dominion. Hurricanes that have struck the Northern Virginia area have generally degraded to tropical storm strength. Isabel, now almost 9 years ago was a 3 or 4 as it came ashore at the NC/VA border and was a TS and nearly a TD by the time the eye moved through DC Metro. Most of the power loss was residential in nature from downed trees (I lost mine for 6.5--worse than the recent derecho). There are few trees around them and they have underground feeds.

Comment Re:A sad day for hot scientists (Score 1) 122

Well, she apparently can't do the Science for crap, so she needs something to fall back on.

According to wikipedia, she plays woodwinds. So she's got that going for her...which is nice.

Wolfe-Simon did her undergraduate studies at Oberlin College and completed a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Chemistry and a Bachelor of Music in Oboe Performance and Ethnomusicology at the Oberlin Conservatory of Music.

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