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Submission + - IBM layoffs strike first in India; described as 'slaughter' and 'massive'

An anonymous reader writes: News has emerged that IBM started rebalancing of its staffing worldwide has affected a significant amount of employees in India. Massive layoffs are being reported at Bangalore headquarters in what employees are calling a ‘slaughter’. More than 40% IBM staff was let go off in a single day. From the article- "People broke down after seeing the inhuman treatment. Laptops along with the cases were confiscated, so several employees were seen crying and exiting building carrying and balancing their personal belongings with their two hands.

Submission + - IIM to switch to FOSS after online tests disaster

geo_2677 writes: The reputed Indian Institute of Management recently switched to online format for its Comman Admission Test (CAT)which ran into hiccups and chaos from day one. Prometric which conducted the tests on behalf of IIM concluded that the problems were due to the Conflicker and that the Windows networks were compromised.
Now the IIM reasons that its is cheaper and more secure to switch to FOSS than invest in antivirus and proprietary solutions.
More details at the link on Economic Times http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/infotech/internet/Post-online-CAT-disaster-IIMs-plan-to-switch-to-Foss-/articleshow/5338309.cms
I quote from the article :" After an elaborate post-mortem of the recent disaster, many IIM officials are exploring the idea of using free and open source software (Foss), rather than going in for proprietary software, to prevent online common admission test disasters in future."

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