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Comment Re:Plastic Frames? (Score 1) 97

Plastic frames hide the lens thickness and support the weight of glass lenses. They require more care in the choosing stage as they are less easy to shape. Personally, I go for optical quality over pure vanity and plastic frames allow me to have large area, low aberration lenses. Having said that, they have to look acceptable and I always had a problem with thick lenses in metal frames looking like glass bottle bottoms. Plastic frames+glass comfortably hide a 4-5mm edge thickness. As for the strength the pairs I have now have metal running through the arms.

Comment Re:What are they trying to prove at this point? (Score 1) 452

The vast majority of Sony's customers have no idea of the company's moral and ethical standing. They buy a PS3 because it plays games or a TV because it got the best reviews. Those who oppose Sony should spend their time educating Sony's customers of the company's ill will rather than create problems for them. The crackers are the ones who will get the bad name and the public baying for their blood meanwhile Sony play the victim. Comparing Sony to the Mafia is a bad analogy too - Sony haven't killed anyone, they don't extort money with menace. If people don't agree with Sony's practices they don't need to spend their money with them.

Submission + - Windows 8 Walk Through

adeelarshad82 writes: Microsoft gave everyone a long glimpse of Windows 8 at the D9 conference in Southern California and immediately followed that up with Windows 8 for Tablets (and PCs) at Computex 2011 in Taipei. The last two days mark the first time Microsoft is unveiling the Windows 8 interface to the public, and the new look is a radical departure from the Windows operating systems that precede it. Windows 8 will be able to scale from touch-friendly tablets to full-blown desktops. Amongst many new features, the new interface will also support gestures, snap, pin, cloud apps, new concepts like a basket for files you'll want to share between apps and services.

Submission + - Police Seize Computers Of Tor Exit Node (

An anonymous reader writes: Police in Austria who apparently aren't familiar with Tor or what an exit node is, have apparently seized the computer equipment of some people hosting a Tor exit node because the node was used to access an illegal porn site. How likely is it that the police will understand Tor vs. simply assuming those hosting a Tor exit node must be guilty of something?

Comment Do the community a favour (Score 1) 1

Tar pit them if you FTP server supports it. When someone attempts to log in using one of these accounts set to the timeout between username being submitted and the password request to be long. Then set the password acknowledgement to be long. It won't stop them but it'll slow them up a little and every little counts.

Submission + - FTP Server Honeypots 1

An anonymous reader writes: I run an FTP server for a few dozen people, and it seems like every week I have a random IP address connect to my box and try guessing "Administrator" passwords once every five seconds or so. This poses no real risk to me, since all my accounts have custom (uncommon) names. But if this is happening to me, I would wager lots of people are at risk of low level, persistent, long term password cracking attempts. Is there a way to report the perpetrators, or any action we can take to address this kind of danger?

Comment Re:Neither Secure Nor Reliable. (Score 1) 83

The 'cloud' in this case is the LastPass database where the levels of security are far higher than a desktop users PC or a general file storage service. Sure, there is an increased exposure due to all of those passwords being in the same place, but even if the entire LastPass database was stolen if users have strong passwords it is unlike their data would be exposed, especially now they've introduced PBKDF2 with 100,000 rounds of 256 bit salting. That's at least as good as KeePass with password only encryption with a suitable number of rounds. In addition to a password, LastPass support OTP, single use passwords and other secondary mechanisms. They also noticed a potential issue and acted immediately. If someone stole a password file off a users desktop would they even notice?

Submission + - Experts Weigh in on the RSA SecurID Breach (

wiredmikey writes: After notifying customers on Thursday that it had been breached after hackers mounted a highly sophisticated cyber attack that put its SecurID product at risk, RSA has yet to expand on the details and potential impact of the attack, leaving customers concerned and with many questions unanswered.

In the meantime, reactions are pouring in from customers and the information security community in general, some saying to prepare for the worst, and some brushing it off as not-so-serious incident.

One expert commented that “If ‘the keys to the kingdom’—the public serial number to secret key mapping database—had NOT been compromised, there would be zero danger to users of RSA’s SecurIDs." At the same time another expert says doesn’t believe the incident is a game changer. “It's serious news that RSA's SecurID solution has been the target of an advanced persistent threat. But It's not a game-changer. Anybody who says it is, is an alarmist.”

So what are others saying and doing in the meantime while they wait for answers from RSA on the SecurID system being attacked?

Open Source

Submission + - Fedora Infrastructure Compromised (

Trailrunner7 writes: The infrastructure of the Fedora Project was compromised over the weekend and an account belonging to a Fedora contributor was taken over by an attacker. However, Fedora officials said they don't believe that the attacker was able to push any changes to the Fedora package system or make any actual changes to the infrastructure.

The attack appears to have targeted one specific user account, which had some high-value privileges. The attacker was able to compromise the account externally, and then had the ability to connect remotely to some Fedora systems. The attacker also changed the account's SSH key, Fedora officials said.


Major Sites To Join ‘World IPv6 Day’ 247

netbuzz writes "Facebook, Google, and Yahoo are among the major sites on board with what the Internet Society is dubbing 'World IPv6 Day,' a collective trial scheduled for June 8. 'It's an exciting opportunity to take IPv6 for a test flight and try it on for a full 24 hours,' says Leslie Daigle, the Internet Society's Chief Internet Technology Officer. 'Hopefully, we will see positive results from this trial so we will see more IPv6 sooner rather than later.'"

Opera Supports Google Decision To Drop H.264 336

An anonymous reader follows up to yesterday's Google announcement that they would drop H.264 support from Chrome. "Thomas Ford, Senior Communications Manager, Opera, told Muktware, 'Actually, Opera has never supported H.264. We have always chosen to support open formats like Ogg Theora and WebM. In fact, Opera was the first company to propose the tag, and when we did, we did it with Ogg. Simply put, we welcome Google's decision to rely on open codecs for HTML5 video.'"

Autism-Vax Doc Scandal Was Pharma Business Scam 541

Sockatume writes "In his second report, Brian Deer exposes how MMR-autism prophet Andrew Wakefield aimed to profit from the vaccine scare. Two years before the research that 'discovered' the MMR-autism link, Wakefield began courting interest in a hundred-million-dollar diagnostics firm. The doctor hoped to seed the company with government legal aid money and profit by charging 'premium prices' for new diagnostic tests to be used in vaccine injury lawsuits. By the time Wakefield published, the proposals had expanded into producing new 'safe' vaccines, two businesses to gather legal aid funding, and interest from partners including Wakefield's own hospital. The scheme ultimately disintegrated with the arrival of new leadership at Wakefield's hospital and ongoing scrutiny into his research."

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