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Comment Re:Why was package versioning left out? (Score 1) 185

Then the default Go build environment is insufficient even for a toy project; does that describe better the issue at hand? Nonetheless it predates the success of the language. I've used repo a bit, nice tool; but still: don't release a half-assed build environment because in your company you use a different tool. Sometimes it's better to not release a feature at all, instead of one that is incomplete/insufficient.

Comment Re:Why was package versioning left out? (Score 2) 185

I've seen people not updating 'master' of their git repository because of this...utterly ridiculous. It makes new releases difficult to adopt and becomes soon detrimental to change in general. The package managers which have been developed (Godep, gb, glide) are not of the quality you would expect to professionally use Go...I've found issues with all of them (I know they're in high flux, but still).

Comment Why was package versioning left out? (Score 5) 185

Why was package versioning left out? And are you guys still fond of this decision? As I use Go more and more I see this to be the weak spot; software has been around for many decades, and we all know that it is continuous evolution. Go's import system does not allow specifying or hinting a version, nor does the `go get` command (although it supports major VCSes), and that's how hacks like gopkg.in have been conceived. And it's not like package managers for other languages haven't already solved in a more or less elegant way the problem already...

Comment Poem for H. R. Giger (Score 1) 92

Into darkness sink all images;
God paints on the cavas of life once more.
Standing armored to fight with crest and shield,
Meanwhile the enemy blackens the field.
And the heards are dying of thirst below the blazing suns,
The ice cliff walls now flow into a little brook hissing
Into the earth, and you are fishing
Where there are no fish.
Then into the fiery abyss you dive
Where, trembling, you find that the dead are alive.
In a hell where they horribly change and swirl
As around Gorgo's head they unfurl.
Tortured, the broken eye
Stares down into hell's bubbling lye.
Your body, plowed through with the furrow of the worm,
Torn is the shell of your tower, once firm,
Struck down by a bolt of fire
As you drown in the hellish mire.
You to the surf, God calls
To the surf that breaks on His kingdom's massive walls
Where blocks that shine as the sun so fair
Shelter his original human pair.
Redeeming from His blood a new form and shape
An image that only God can create.
Into darkness sink all images,
God paints on the canvas of life.

Ernst Fuchs, Venice 1984

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