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Comment Public Interest Defence (Score 1) 375

Allow him to make a Public Interest Defence, with an agreement to pardon or provide clemency. Presuming he can get a fair trial and they don't just Shwartzman him, with a fair opportunity in a public interest defense case which he has clear high ground on. Under such circumstances he can prove in court that the whistleblower system is broken, which it is, and that evan the legal programs have been hedged in such a way as to make them effectively illegal. Ultimately every action was defensible and necessary for public interest and in defence of our constitution from rogue government programs and agencies who have routinely lied to the public and congress, under oath in open and closed hearings. In reality, if we didn't live in a technocratic dictatorship the director of the NSA should be jailed for multiple counts of perjury and contempt of congress.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Can you M Theory with the Standard Model 3x3x3?

genfail writes: Hey I was thinking, I think you can unify M Theory with the Standard Model if you we have 3 dimensions space, 3 time and 3 for gravity. 3x3x3
Nth dimensional time fixes the weird artifacts you see in the standard model that create things like dark matter to explain angular momentum of galaxies is even across the disk.
E=MC2 when taken as a whole also implies that time is a variable relative to mass, the more massive something is the slower time around it moves for the same reason that time slows down at the speed of light.
When taken into consideration it becomes apparent that angular momentum is not caused by mass that can't be seen but by the fact that time moves more slowly around a super-massive black hole at the middle causing the appearance of objects in the middle orbiting differently. So time and gravity both are being moved in three dimensions each.
What do you guys think?

Comment The Standard Model is obviously wrong (Score 2) 393

I've always been suspicious of the Standard Model's insistence that the big bang consisted of nearly equal parts matter and antimatter. The assumptions made by observation of certain particle collisions need to be reevaluated. Much of this seems to because of a belief that time is single dimensional and that mass has no effect on the flow of time, although if you really look at relativity and quantum phenomenon it is obvious that neither of these is the case. Instead we invent the artifacts of dark matter and dark energy to explain away inconsistencies that these assumptions make.

Comment The Orwellian Saga Contiues (Score 1) 177

This makes sense considering the extent of data collection in what appears to be a leak from a Verizon employee on all caller data from all calls made in the US. Since we can assume that all carriers have received similar secret orders to turn over all customer data they would need to expand their data processing capability.

Submission + - Anonymous reveals Haditha massacre emails (

An anonymous reader writes: Anonymous have unveiled their second major release for this week’s installment of FuckFBIFriday. Their target this time around is Frank Wuterich, the US Marine that admitted to killing Iraqi civilians — and received no jail time for his crime.

Early Friday afternoon, members of the loose-knit online collective Anonymous began circulating news that the website for Puckett and Faraj, the high-profile attorneys that represented Sgt. Frank Wuterich in his recent trial, had been hacked. Wuterich admitted to leading Marines into two civilian homes in Waditha, Iraq in 2005, massacring 24 civilians including women, children and an elderly man confined to a wheelchair.

In response, hacktivists with Anonymous have uncovered gigabytes worth of correspondence from Sgt. Wuterich’s attorneys and affiliated parties.

Comment Some are (Score 1) 568

Some are mobsters. When you look at how false antivirus malware proliferates and fleeces the unsuspecting public and even holds their computer for ransom. You can't help but see similarity in how they operate in function and philosophy to organized crime. They will undoubtedly push this through with this in mind. Of course without limits on who is eligible every 12 year old with a LOIC download could find themselves with punishments far in excess of their crimes. Make no mistake many who support this intend to use this on the civil dissidents of anonymous every bit as much as cyber gangs of card cloners or bank hackers. To the detriment of liberty for us all.

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