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Comment Re:Let Them (Score 1) 1123

By arguing about whether or not there are safeguards against police brutality, or legal recourses, or any of that, you're sidestepping the critical issue: At some point, you have to trust them. Cameras expose these breaches of trust, but they also fundamentally undermine the system by doing so.

Please elaborate on how filming police officers undermines the system. i do not see a correlation between the 2

Comment Re:Don't worry BP ... (Score 1) 913 any of that happened with Exxon after the Valdez. The gasoline market is composed of something called "price signalling" which they all do, so what you are saying will not happen. Also years and years in court will get their fines/lawsuit payouts reduced just as with the Valdez.

Comment Re:3D is a gimmick (Score 1) 495

It's not like colour or sound which make film more engaging and bring it closer to real life, it's a silly add-on which distracts rather than helps to immerse.

i take it from this quote that you have not seen avatar in 3d at the imax. The 3d does exactly the opposite of what you suggest. It does immerse and does make it more engaging and does bring it closer to real life. 3d done right and for the right purpose is amazing. However, i did get dragged to Clash of the Titans and the 3d was basically none existent and atrocious, as was the movie itself.

Comment Re:What the law actually is... (Score 1) 54

For the politicians involved doing nothing wasn't politically tenable

Please tell me why doing nothing wasn't politically tenable if no one in NZ wants a 3 - strikes law? Or is NZ not a sovereign country? Also since they do not play baseball for the most part in NZ couldn't they come up with a sports analogy related to Rugby? This also shows that this is being introduced by a baseball-playing overlord (i..e USA).

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