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Comment Read more? (Score 1) 441

The author didn't included the ending paragraph of the article, which is: Although the researchers have yet to work out how the organic electronics could be harnessed as an anti-counterfeit measure [hey, but this stuff is really cool], the circuits are able to perform simple computing operations [yes, they have etched a perfect circuit board that looks like a $20 bill].

Comment Re:The problem with Wikileaks is... (Score 1) 154

...You see, a person I knew used to divide human beings intro three categories: those who prefer having nothing to hide rather than being obliged to lie, those who prefer lying to having nothing to hide, and finally those who like both lying and the hidden... But what do I care? Donâ(TM)t lies eventually lead to the truth? (C) Albert Camus, The Fall In truth, we argue too much like the legal courts today do by reasoning in one case to all the others. Under the assumption that "You" know better. I welcome this beacon of light as hope albeit imperfect as a slightly better champion of truth than I am. Because its contents are under scrutiny I myself will not allow.

Comment Re:The problem with Wikileaks is... (Score 2, Insightful) 154

Couple of things [1] Your argument assumes that there is good in keeping secrets? As in the lesser evil perspective, or perhaps a utility question of greater good? If that is so then wikileaks provides an excellent place for fairness - ardent defenders armed with 'Good Intentions' are bypassed and allow for universal questioning of the facts rather than relying on a few keen fellows to decide the good for all. [2] Truth is universal, this is not a axiom preaching nor a statement of an idealist, 2 + 2 is the same for everyone. You see it in the number of bricks, coins and et cetera. Exposure of the truth cannot be harmful to the world - it can only expose a lie and a lie even at the stake of 'The Children' cannot be good for us all.

Largest Hacking Scam in Canadian History 211

vieux schnock writes "Police raided several homes across Quebec on Wednesday and arrested 16 people in their investigation, which they say uncovered the largest hacking scam in Canadian history. (...) The hackers collaborated online to attack and take control of as many as one million computers around the world that were not equipped with anti-virus software or firewalls."

Scientists Find Believing Can Be Seeing 169

Ponca City, We Love You writes "Scientists at University College London have found the link between what we expect to see, and what our brain tells us we actually saw revealing that the context surrounding what we see is all important — sometimes overriding the evidence gathered by our eyes and even causing us to imagine things which aren't really there. A vague background context is more influential and helps us to fill in more blanks than a bright, well-defined context. This may explain why we are prone to 'see' imaginary shapes in the shadows when the light is poor. "Illusionists have been alive to this phenomenon for years," said Professor Zhaoping. "When you see them throw a ball into the air, followed by a second ball, and then a third ball which 'magically' disappears, you wonder how they did it. In truth, there's often no third ball — it's just our brain being deceived by the context, telling us that we really did see three balls launched into the air, one after the other." The original research paper is available on PLOS, the open-access, peer-reviewed journal."
The Internet

Growth of the Underground Cybercrime Economy 94

AC50 writes "According to research from Trend Micro's TrendLabs compromised Web sites are gaining in importance on malicious sites created specifically by cyber-criminals. The research debunks the conventional wisdom about not visiting questionable sites, because even trusted Web sites such as those belonging to Fortune 500 companies, schools, and government organizations can serve forth malware."

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