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Journal gelfling's Journal: I always cringe a little

When I see that someone has responded to one of my posts because if nothing else, the most common attribute of the blogerati and their wannabes is that no one really has anything to say unless it's to shriek that you're a retard asshole or that some dipshit fresh out of the 11th grade demands you 'prove' something to them. I worry a little bit about the generations behind me. I think that not only are stupider and less motivated than their elders but they angrily self righteous about it. I said back in the late 80's (yes I've been on the internet since 1989 so for you angry fuckhead teens out there, don't bother 'correcting' me, thanks) that eventually the internet would become a weapon of tyranny. Not because of control but because it collapses belief and freedom into the smallest angriest space possible. You no longer need to think.

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I always cringe a little

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