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Comment Re:His Comment (Score 1) 399

> Whoever writes a functional language that understands arrays and pointers will rule the world.

Hey, that's fairly simple in any functional language:

All you need is to write the function for a pointer machine, whereby you manipulate exactly one structure:
(InstructionPointer: Integer, RAM[2^n]) # eg. Integer 32bits & n=32 for RAM.
Then, you just wire the operation SubtractNBranchIfNegative (or equivalent) in the function.
Input/Output domain of the function is of the same type (the struct, ie. the state machine of this "computer").

Voila, there you go: functional programming with pointers ;-)

Comment Re:context of context (Score 1) 606

And then, what if the screenshot was taken by another man-in-the-middle and reposted?
something like this: original poster -> MitM -> fb-poster
and what if there was: original poster -> MitM -> fb-poster
and what if there was: original poster -> MitM -> MitM -> fb-poster
and what if there was: original poster -> MitM -> MitM -> MitM -> fb-poster
and what if there was: original poster -> MitM -> MitM -> MitM -> MitM -> fb-poster
and what if there was: original poster -> MitM -> MitM -> MitM -> MitM -> MitM -> fb-poster
You get the idea.
Now, I want to see the decision tree and the guilt attribution specified in a functional language!

Yes, agreed, the original poster had bad taste but the law is pervert and the one to be "put in jail".

Comment OK, now answer this... (Score 1) 162

Enough crap said by some so, can you post on flickr or such, the pictures *you* have taken of a protected military base in *your* own country with *your* legal name next to in bold letters? We will make sure you prove your case in due course. Then, you might be able to come around to comment laws of other countries. As regards Greece, these guys missed the scenery obviously, so bad luck for them.

Comment Grow up (Score 1) 404

It seems that on the other side of the pond you still can not invite a female colleague for dinner without having the fear of it being called sexual harassment, call a black guy black, a Phillipino Phillipino and so on. Lately, a video mixing a science subject and high heels is a no-go zone. Whatever! (and yes my gf agrees, so this is not an isolated one-man view). So, attempt to suspect there might even be good intentions, some times. Give it a try.

Submission + - Build a mobile app in 36 hours; HOW TO? (

gef7 writes: Together with another 2 fellows, I recently had the chance to participate in a hackathon for building mobile applications; the experience was great and we even got one of the winning spots. It is a good moment to probe some collective geek knowledge though. The question for slashdot folks follows hereby: If you had to participate in such a contest, which approach would you take if you wished to have an app across multiple platforms and why? hint: smartphones are the particular target but, adding web access in the mix would broaden the horizons.

Comment AWS, Grid, Owned hardware, many options (Score 1) 264

In short:
  • AWS could be good value for money, if you DON'T have data-intensive tasks (otherwise it gets expensive quickly)
  • Grid could be even better value for money, assuming you can get the service AND assistance in your lab, for low or zero cost (eg. in US/EU this should be fine)
  • Owning hardware is a MUST if you have sensitive data (medical, financial etc) or just need to build local expertise (more input needed here)

Assuming the later, check among Supermicro & Dell servers. Last time I needed to setup a cluster, the Dell R610s were a good pick, giving great manageability over the LAN, low volume and decent features (balanced storage space along with cpu capacity, around 8 cores + 8 TBs per 1u blade). Don't rule out also options like Shuttle XPCs, they are damned robust in thermal aspects (hey, you'll be running these continuously, won't you?). Finally, don't underestimate the need for local sysadmining; you will likely need to setup a queueing system (Torque, *PBS*, SLURM, SGE, LSF, NQS, Condor) and manage the whole thing. This won't happen automatically, take a note on that. If you run something of the pbs or sge family I can happily help with setting up a tool called qtop

Comment Re:Facts are stubborn things (Score 1) 500

I'm pretty certain that the science is sound), Morgado's pump is in limbo because he hasn't yet found anyone who'd lend him $4-million or $10-million to build a factory. He has plenty of offers to buy the technology outright, but he has the audacity to presume that he should be the one to profit from his invention.

Imagine if the demand for energy suddenly plunged by more than 25%. Oil is only going for $100/barell because demand roughly matches supply. If supply exceeds demand by a significant percentage, we'd be back to $1/gallon gas in a heartbeat.

If Morgado's invention is at present tested and reliable enough to do all that, it worths more than 10^7 $ and everyone who has that money not investing it is stupid. If not, don't make us cry for his uninvested intellectual property, he is just a hacking good inventor who can build something lesser to raise 10^7 $s until the next stage. In short, if he has faith about this invention, then he should make a business compromise. btw. oil supply is controlled by OPEC, prices are not really an accident.

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