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Comment Arrogance (Score 2) 189

It's quite unfortunate that Microsoft enabled the wrong Linux (that's my personal opinion) by default within the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL),

Coming from someone who must use windows at work, it's fortunate that they (MS) are doing this at all. This arrogance and public disagreement within the community is uncalled for.

Comment Re:If true, it's because Macs are starting to suck (Score 4, Informative) 376

Sorry, I disagree. I have a Surface Pro 4 (mid-line model provided by work) and it doubles just fine as a desktop for me. If you have the docking station and monitors it's a nice device. It runs visual studio pretty easily with solutions with 10-15 projects so it's no problem with other text editors or simpler tools. It may struggle with Photoshop or high end video editing, but for development - it's fine. I'm also running a VM with Linux Mint. I'm not a huge MS fan but this device has worked pretty well for me.

Comment Re: Microsoft is killing... what? (Score 1) 44

That's a pretty narrow view and blanket statement. There are lots of reasons to use the cloud (or hybrid setup) at larger companies, both financial and operational. Sure, it's not for everyone but it fits the bill for a lot of companies, regardless of size. I think it's funny when folks say they are concerned about cloud infrastructure security (you didn't say this but others have). If you know all the steps major cloud vendors have to go through to get certified for hosting various data, you wouldn't say that regular Joe IT can secure their own network better (we can't all be experts even though most think they are).

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