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Comment Re:Backups are not secure (Score 1) 173

I have actually considered the truecrypt container backup but I was unclear that Backblaze supported incremental backups. I was under the impression that each time a file is backed up the entire file is re-uploaded. Is a diff process used instead rather than re-uploading 1Gb every time a text file within the truecrypt container is changed? How do you handle the issue that many truecrypt volumes do not update their access and modified timestamps on files to be aware that changes have been made?

Thanks for all the responses to this post. While your drive observations are perhaps unique to your setup they still have information to offer the rest of us.

Alabama Wages War Against the Perfect Weed 360

pickens writes "Dan Berry writes in the NY Times that the State of Alabama is spending millions of dollars in federal stimulus money to combat Cogongrass, a.k.a. the perfect weed, the killer weed, and the weed from another continent. A weed that 'evokes those old science-fiction movies in which clueless citizens ignore reports of an alien invasion.' Cogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) is considered one of the 10 worst weeds in the world. 'It can take over fields and forests, ruining crops, destroying native plants, upsetting the ecosystem,' writes Berry. 'It is very difficult to kill. It burns extremely hot. And its serrated leaves and grainy composition mean that animals with even the most indiscriminate palates — goats, for example — say no thanks.' Alabama's overall strategy is to draw a line across the state at Highway 80 and eradicate everything north of it; then, in phases, to try to control it to the south. But the weed is so resilient that you can't kill it with one application of herbicide, you have to return several months later and do it again. 'People think this is just a grass,' says forester Stephen Pecot. 'They don't understand that cogongrass can replace an entire ecosystem.' Left unchecked, Pecot says 'it could spread all the way to Michigan.'"

Comment Re:Protecting Artists? Artists to Blame. (Score 1) 439

Exactly so! Green Day claims to be so socially progressive but here they are waiting to collect $80,000 for one song from a mother of four. What a bunch of hypocrites. Unless someone challenges them on this nothing is going to happen. Does anyone know of a way to directly impact these bands?

I suggest flooding their myspace pages with questions about why they are supporting this decision as well as the broader RIAA actions (who they have actively supported). (If they aren't vocally against it, they they are for it)

How about anything else? Something more public? Maybe trying to get a major media outlet to interview these bands about this decision? They are a bunch of cowards hiding behind the RIAA; the human faces behind the corporate mask. Our agressive response to this really should be in raising ire against these bands. Someone please tell me that I'm not hopelessly naive in thinking these bands can't possibly want actions like this to continue.

United States

Submission + - RIAA claims CD Burners are illegal (riaa.com) 2

MrM writes: The RIAA's website was updated recently to include the following tips to "avoid piracy". Among them, under the section "Examples of easy ways you could violate the law", is the following: "You have a computer with a CD burner, which you use to burn copies of music you have downloaded onto writable CDs for all of your friends." Wow. Can we expect the militias with screwdrivers anytime soon?

Submission + - Elderly Woman Jailed for Not Watering Lawn

i_like_spam writes: BBC news is running a story about Betty Perry, a 70-year-old resident of Orem, Utah. Betty was cited and sent to jail for not watering her lawn. Like many other communities around the country, Orem (aka 'Family City USA') has rules mandating that residents maintain and water their lawns. In terms of privacy, is it right for communities to enforce lawn maintenance? And, in this day and age of energy and water conservation, shouldn't well-manicured lawns be a thing of the past?

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