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Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 384

Easy to talk smack on someone you don't agree with but the Nazi comment is used when you got nada or you are just retarded.

Saying you want to know who is entering your nation is not racist. Saying illegal immigration is a problem is not racist. Saying we have made horrible 'trade' deals that made Americans suffer isn't racist. Saying that we need to bring manufacturing jobs back from China isnt racist. Etc.

But please...keep the eloquent commentary coming.

I am old enough to see things from a different prospective, my father was in WWII, so I don't toss around 'nazi' lightly. Having a different opinion does not make you a nazi and to compare what happened not that long ago with someone that says things are out of control and we need to get a handle on it does not make them evil. I live close to the border with Mexico and shit is out of control. As in 'I cant go into that area of land I own or I will be shot at' put of control. And not just for Americans...for the poor souls that get treated like modern slaves since we have not enforced our laws, allowed them to come here and be underpaid and poorly treated by employers, and just look the other way while the businesses that abuse them avoid all scrutiny. But it wasn't always like that. Under Bush ICE actually went afyer the business and not the workers. But screw Bush, let the indentured servants just get fucked 'cus it sounds good on The Daily Show. Right? And lets just ignore the fact that we have a very open immigration policy in place. Think ours sucks? Try damn near anywhere else. Unless you bring something special to the table nearly everyone else will tell you to look elsewhere.

Regardless of anyone's opinion of Trump I think that the fact that both sides are scared of him says a lot. Both sides are full of crap, corrupt, and don't give a shit about the people. And I will take that option over Clinton all day long.

And frankly anyone that wants to shout down people that they disagree with are just useful idiots to politicians that make a fair living but retire with insanity levels of wealth.

Disagree. It is good and needed, and frankly the issues we have today are the result of people not having civil discussions about our nation. But if your talking points are comments taken out of context, flat out lies, or 'fuck you nazi' are a fucking moron. And bonus 'fuck you' if you live with your parents, had zero or few jobs, and have never tried to start a business. Things start to look a lot different with experience.

So make a point or fuck off. Sound bites and questionable 'quotes' are not a point. And if you think someone saying we need to fix a few things that are legitimate issues makes them a "Nazi" you need to read up on history a bit 'cus you are not participating. You are a pawn. See the DNC email leaks for examples. They talk about you a lot.

Comment Please, that huge thing? (Score 1) 95

I know of a local company that has one in production (for a while) that looks like a hummingbird..this hideous pigeon is old news and not news unless we are talking about antiquated hardware. This is nothing and since the hummingbird drone is not exactly a secret I am sure it is also 'old tech'.

Comment Re:Ticket them for whatever traffic law they broke (Score 1) 455

Agreed. And while we are at it, how about we just start enforcing current laws to ticket people that simply drive like shit? Or people that are driving cars that are just too damn dangerous to be on the road? I know...crazy talk. But I see it all the time on the So Cal freeways. People that cant drive at all and frankly the 'driving assist' stuff has made them worse....they couldn't drive for shit but now they have a car that keeps them in their lane or from rear-ending a they use those systems for daily driving and not as a 'last resort' to save their ass. And we also have a ton of crap buckets with shocks that were shot decades ago, bald tires, windows you cant see out of, etc. But nope. The big problem is dealing with the weed folks although I doubt we have more weed folks on the road these days. They were always there. Now its legal. No real change except the jail population. I guess they gotta make up that shortfall somehow.....

Comment Re:Pupil dilation? (Score 4, Insightful) 455

That might work if other factors were not in play. Some prescription meds will screw with your pupil dilation while not impairing you at all outside of perhaps causing your low light vision to suffer a bit. Or be better. And while a similar test might be OK in most cases we need something that shows how high you were when something happened and it needs to be free of false positives. I have no idea how to do it but it is important to avoid ruining peoples lives for doing something that is legal days or weeks prior to an accident that has nothing to do with what happened. At this time it seems that we have many people that want a test simply because they want to say they have it and false positives are not a big worry since they dont really care about the real reason for 'why' they just want to push an agenda or inflate arrest numbers, but I suppose those are kind of the same.

I dont smoke weed on the regular but I do a few times a month. And when I do its legal. And I never drive when high. The current tests would say that a legit accident (as in: shit happens, not negligence) that I was in was the result of being high despite it being false. I could of been high 24 hours prior, a week, or a month, but if some folks get their way that is the same thing as being stoned as fuck at that very moment. Insane. Do we put people away for DUI when they got ripped a few days prior but were 100% sober when they were involved in an accident?

Comment Filer under "No duh" (Score 0) 455

THC is fat soluble so you can toke a joint and still get tagged in a blood test within a month. I thought this was common knowledge by this point? Guess not.

The problem with tests like have been proposed for weed in relation to driving is that any known test has little to do with what the driver was 'feeling' at the time of an incident. Get in a minor accident that has zero to do with being impaired in a state where weed is legal? Good luck. You will fail any test they administer. Science be damned.

Comment Re: Pretty misleading (Score 1) 165

Finally...someone gets it. These guys have legit super computers and a large budget, but they made a limited number of the F1 road car and it was decades ago, why waste money for an occasional task that you can already do just fine? They have no obligation to service these cars but they do anyway. Seems good enough to me.

Comment Re: LOL!!!!! (Score 1) 165

But one of the few worth owning and the only car I can think of that has gone from being worth $300-$500K to over fifteen million in just a few decades. And despite its age it would still smack down modern super cars on the track. Or at least be more fun as it tries to kill you since it came from an era where you were expected to know how to drive it and not depend on computers to hold your hand. But frankly they were smart enough to use a German V12 so that helps a lot :)

Comment Re: Faster Laptop (Score 1) 165

I wouldn't say McLaren is lacking in the IT dept, they have extremely advanced systems including proper super computers at their facilities for deaigning cars as well as for real-time info they provide back to their F1 team. They just spend their money where it needs to be spent instead of worrying about shiny new rigs to support a handful of cars they sold decades ago. Seems reasonable to me.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 229

Yuo. I remember when this site was about some cool new mod for a window manager, now its just a feed of the usual 'news' crap you can get anywhere but on a 6 hour delay with a bunch of snark. I appreciate the snark but these days its just low hanging fruit. How the mighty have fallen...

Comment Re: "line up in sacramento first" (Score 4, Interesting) 224

You nailed it. Been here for over 40 years and have owned several businesses. Each year the state comes up with new taxes and restrictions that seem aimed at killing new businesses. Hell, even Hollywood doesnt do business here anymore. Some irony in that at least. If anyone wants to know why its so jacked up here just watch the video feed of the morons in Sacramento while they are in session and just passing laws with zero input or discussion. Their standard nice is to pass a law that won't hold up in court just so they can say they did something. And of course the legal challenges cost the taxpayers millions if anyone has the money to challenge them. Boutique legislation at its finest.

Comment Re:Try a modern game (Score 1) 160

I don't do much gaming these days, just not enough time, but I have always enjoyed the Borderlands series and my rig with a 6850 and the OSS drivers runs the latest Borderlands at 1080P with high quality options enabled just fine. It actually runs much nicer with the OSS drivers than the proprietary version with my dual head setup. The AMD driver only runs full screen games well if the secondary display is disabled and even then it has a habit of sucking.

Comment Re: We called out these failures years ago. (Score 1) 114

Yep..I pretty much use it as a dumb terminal but I am not sending anything to Google as I only boot to Linux when I use it, it only boots to Chrome when I let my wife of someone else use it. It might not be ideal for everyone but it does the trick for my needs and keeps me from having to tote my expensive MacBook around in crappy areas of LA. For the money they are great devices, and I totally get that they are not for everyone, but for the money they can be great tools.

Comment Re: We called out these failures years ago. (Score 1) 114

Yea, for sure, normal people wont setup a Chromebook to dual boot. I only keep ChromeOS on it for others to use but everyone that I have let use it has found it to work great. Several of them have ditched their larger and heavier laptops to go with a c720 and they are all quite happy with them as all they really need is good battery life and access to a browser and email.

If I remember correctly the 64GB SSD was only about $25-$30 so the total cost of the setup was right around $200. It runs Ubuntu 14.04 very well as long as you don't need to run anything that requires over 2GB of RAM. I get 6 to 7 hours of runtime on it and since I mostly need it to access web interfaces or run SSH sessions (or serial via minicom) it fits my needs very well. Its probably not an ideal setup for everyone but for average folks ChromeOS gives them what they need and if you need a bit more loading your Linux distro of choice is quite easy as long as you put a larger SSD in.

As with everything in life you need the right tool for the right job and I find this cheap tool to be a really handy one to have in my arsenal. If I need to do some heavy lifting I will take a fully loaded MacBook Pro with me but most of the time I just don't need it so it stays in my trunk. For really serious work I have a small 1U (not very deep) with two quad core Xeon's and 16GB of RAM that I will just toss on the LAN and use the c720 to SSH to way better than using the MacBook and only weights slightly more ;)

Comment Re: We called out these failures years ago. (Score 1) 114

My clients care that I get the job done not what I use to do it. I have several powerful laptops but mostly what I need is a device to run SSH sessions (and some serial sessions) so a Chromebook running Ubuntu works just dandy. If I need more I will obviously use the right tool for the job but a $175 c720 lets me do 95% of what I need and I dont worry about theft of any damage it might take since its so cheap. Now excuse me while my dumb ass walks a block to the beach from my home that I paid for by doing dumb stuff....

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