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Comment Hearing this story about Acer doesn't surprise me (Score 1) 97

The Acer Aspire laptop that I bought was advertised to come with Bluetooth capabilities. However, lo and behold, when I get it home, I come to find out that Acer did not ship a number of their North American laptops with Bluetooth despite advertising that did and even having the computer equipped with a switch as if you could turn it on. Overall, I'm just not pleased with the quality of computer that Acer offers. The '3' key fell off of my laptop a couple of months back, as did one of the clasps from me just opening and closing the thing.

Comment Maybe I'm just weird... (Score 1) 297

But I actually kind of miss the feeling of getting a nice stamped letter in the mail. Whenever I actually got a personal letter as a child, I just felt special. It was seeing the handwriting of the person writing to you, it was the structure of the letter that you could tell the person took time to plan it out so that they wouldn't be wasting a stamp. Now that I mostly use email for long form personal communications, I just don't see the precision or eloquence of words that I got through the mail nearly as much. People just tend to write something and send it out, knowing that it's pretty much free.

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