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Comment Re:What's the immigration status of these families (Score 2, Insightful) 174

llegal immigrants are just regular people, so you may know some of them without realizing.

NO, illegal immigrants are people who have NO LEGAL RIGHT to be in the country.

Yes, but I believe most people think "bad hombres", not "my neighbors".
Case in point woman who voted for Trump thinking only illegal immigrants with criminal records will be deported.

Maybe you think everyone should go, but many people assume a more nuanced definition will apply.

If they came here illegally then they by definition have a criminal record. This isn't fucking rocket surgery

Comment Re:There's a fine line between helping and enablin (Score -1, Flamebait) 174

Try comparing your average "socialist" European country with the US and take a look at various social aspects. I'm not even talking about soft mushy things like "quality of life", just look at the expense for things like social security, internal security (i.e. police), along with factors like crime statistics, suicide rates and educational standard.

Give those Euro countries our criminal black and mexican population and see how they fair. If we did that crime in this country would be reduced by 80%, welfare would be virtually non-existent and we wouldn't have to spend trillions in unfunded liabilities. I'm sorry if that isn't PC enough for people but its the truth.

Comment Re:Amazingly Still Doesn't Get It (Score -1, Troll) 374

Its worse than that. Canonical scrubbed all references to Linux from ubuntu.com. They want to own Linux by way of Ubuntu. Go to ubuntu.com and try to find the word Linux anywhere, it's not there.

Mark is an asshole. He thinks he owns Linux and when he got called on it, he took his toys and went home.

Comment Re:Wonderful? (Score 1) 386

I think the word superior is fitting. Technically speaking GNOME is superior in every single way, which is why Unity ultimately used it under neath for most of its technology. Wonderful, I will grant that word is used here subjectively but I really don't think superior is another other than an objective statement of fact.

Comment Re:Twitters "liberal bias" is hardly a perception (Score 2, Insightful) 416

And no, I'm not an alt-right nutter.

Don't worry, you'll get there. You're already seeing how evil the SJW's are. You'll get red pilled like the rest in no time.

It's funny, I run into a lot of people that make statements just like yours. You're still on the fence because you've been told for so long that "right" is bad and "left" is good. Once you get over that it's like breathing fresh air for the first time. You can give both "sides" the middle finger equally and start operating on whats right and wrong rather than whats right and left.

Comment Re:Sabotaging old versions (Score 1) 239

I swear Microsoft always seems to not only not support old versions but actively creates issues to force you to upgrade. On windows 7 just on March 15th they pushed a "security update" to 2010 Microsoft office that basically makes any file with macros in it crash unexpectedly many times a day. I had to roll back the updates on every computer in our office and disable windows updates because we rely heavily on macros. It's so frustrating that things can work fine and they break it. Now we have to think about upgrading to the lastest operating system and Microsoft office which both already changed the way VBA works so transitioning and keeping our existing macros running is going to take many months of work.

Right I mean most Linux distros are supported for a full 9 months (Fedora) and others for a full 18! How dare Microsoft not support their 7 year old products!

Comment Re:All this Glitz but it's still posessed... (Score 1) 239

The average Windows user will have no idea how to disable updates. What's the point in taking away that possibility from above (should I say "below", given that they know better yet bend over for the clusterfuck windows is?) average windows users?

Sure they can and will. And if they don't the malware they install will do it for them.

Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 3) 253

Yep. I moved to Idaho and can relate. I grew up in Silly Con Valley and will never go back. I won't even visit I hate that place so much. I earn more here, I have a cost of living thats 60% less than it was there and the people are chill. My commute is about 26 minutes though but thats by choice as I chose to move further out of town than most.

Comment Re:Yes those emails (Score 0, Troll) 397

The emails were a felony only in your imagination. If the Republicans keep pulling shit like this they will become even more irrelevant in reality than you imagine the other party is.

More irrelevant? Oh you mean having both houses, the presidency and almost 2/3rds of the governorships is irrelevant? Idiots like you are why the democratic party is dead. You live in fucking la la land. If you had an honest bone in your body we wouldn't be stuck with a one party system but no, you have to be a lying partisan pile of shit and ruin a once great republic with your severe lack of integrity.

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