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Comment Re:Sweet! (Score 1) 158

Once you've put a little effort into learning Blender's interface you realize that it is actually very good. Far from perfect, but still very good. Tools are (mostly) in logical, consistent places, it's very customisable and, in my opinion, quite attractive. I suspect that the problem most people have with the interface is that it looks and behaves differently to other programs, but why should a 3d modelling and animation package's interface be similar to a word processors?

There. I've said something good about Blender's UI.

Comment Re:Great summary (Score 1) 215

I don't understand the distinction. We can replace the word "begs" with "raises" in your example and it still makes sense: ""So now that you stopped beating your wife, how is your marriage?" That RAISES the question of if you ever beat your wife at all." Why is "begs the question" acceptable in your sentence, but not in element-o-p's?

Comment Re:Oh, this won't end well... (Score 1) 1134

If you're going to be using AutoCAD quite regularly, then I would strongly recommend learning the CLI. If you already know the name of the command you want in menus / toolbars / ribbon, it will probably take less than a day to learn the command line equivalents. You probably only use about a dozen commands on a regular basis and you can use command aliases for these. Each alias is usually only one or two characters - Line = L, PolyLine = PL, Circle = C, Move = M, Rotate = RO, Copy = CO (I think these are the defaults; I customised my aliases years ago and can't quite remember the defaults now). Once you've entered the command, the CLI shows you all available options - just enter the capitalised letter and you're away!

Comment Re:Yup, laser cutters are very cool (Score 1) 83

Surely all systems of measurement are standard? They wouldn't be much use if they weren't standardized!

By law, Britain is a metric country, though I think that the pint and the mile are also legal. In practice, we are a hodge-podge of metric and Imperial. In my job I use metric exclusively, but I'll tell people that I'm 5'9" and weigh 11 stone (Brits weigh themselves in stones, rather than pounds). We buy petrol (gasoline) in litres, but measure fuel consumption in miles per gallon. We buy cola in litres, but beer in pints.

Comment Re:What would you do with it? (Score 5, Informative) 565

40/40 vision is the same as 20/20 vision. 20/20 vision is considered to be "normal"; 20/40 is half as good as 20/20, while 20/10 is twice as good. The numerator refers to the distance of the observer from the chart in feet. The denominator is more complicated, but essentially refers to the distance between lines on the chart (according to Wikipedia this is measured in mm, which I find odd given that the numerator is measured in feet).

Source: (

Comment Re:Study does not support conclusion in summary (Score 1) 405

I think I may be the complete opposite of you. I don't / won't / can't sing. The only time I've tried since my music teacher told me to stop at age 13 was in my car, in the dark, on an empty road; I started to feel physically nauseous after a minute or two. Because I don't sing, I generally don't even notice the words. I do enjoy listening to music, but I know next to nothing about music* and so I don't feel compelled to listen closely - to me, music is just pleasant sounds

* I'm actually uncertain what a melody is! I've been trying to figure out how to explain what I think it is, but just don't really understand the terminology to be able to do so: is the melody not the beat, not the singing, but rather the "catchy" musical part of the song?

Comment Re:This is what happens with kings/queens (Score 2) 253

The Queen does have the right to vote, she just chooses not to.

"Although the law relating to elections does not specifically prohibit the Sovereign from voting in a general election or local election, it is considered unconstitutional for the Sovereign and his or her heir to do so." (The Official Website of the British Monarchy)


Submission + - Operating Systems Project (

mikeken writes: This spring I need to come up with a project for an undergraduate computer science class at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. The class has been about introducing us to operating system programming (we use Ubuntu for this). The project needs to have something to do with C programming that uses system/hardware calls. Essentially, the only requirement is that I am doing something to interact with hardware. I was thinking that doing something with the CUDA Toolkit ( would be fun. So, my grand question is what are some fun project ideas that can be completed in 2-3 weeks? As a side note, ultimately my project needs to be fairly unique so I will likely be concocting a combination of you fellow readers ideas and maybe adding a hint of my own imagination.

Submission + - IBM To Build Next-Gen Microchips Using DNA (

bandhu writes: "IBM To Build Next-Gen Microchips Using DNA
IBM is to build next-generation microchips, which will be smaller but more powerful than the ones existing would be a major breakthrough in semiconductor industry, DNA wouldn't just control human evolution but also computing evolution."


Submission + - Dr. Richard Stallman says - Stop using Facebook ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Dr Richard Stallman says people who love their Freedom should stop using Facebook. On a mailing list of the MIT CSAIL, when some students started a thread asking for more votes on their Facebook page, Dr Richard Stallman responded as follows — Please do not ask people to use Facebook! Facebook is not your friend.

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