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Comment Re:fix your health not the keyboard! (Score 1) 310

Personally? I didn't bother. I had a private recommendation and I went directly to them. Sessions were about 35 quid a pop (perhaps 60 dollars?) which is bugger-all when compared to the benefits: I got my life back. I was out of the office, sick, effectively, and paid personally for these. Turned things around very rapidly and well worth the money.

I appreciate I'm fortunate enough to have had the money to do this, but tech pays well on the whole and compared to the cost of _not_ doing so I'd not muck around in the future.

Comment Re:fix your health not the keyboard! (Score 1) 310

This is all excellent advice. Your GP and your local ergonomic advisor might be well-meaning, but they tend to target the site of the pain - which often arises as referred pain due to nerve pressure elsewhere. (There's a lot of unnecessary tendonitis surgery being performed as people mis-diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.)

Go see a physiotherapist; ideally one who you've had recommendations of from a fellow sufferer. You sit for eight hours straight in a terrible position: your back and neck cramping up, your traps tightening defensively, and so on, and the place you're gonna feel this is not the place where the damage is occurring. A few sessions with a decent physio (and an easy exercise regime which you FOLLOW - use your workrave breaks to do these stretches) can turn this around. It's your livelihood you're talking about.

Anecdotally: about three years ago I had terrible RSI symptoms - so much so that I actually thought my career was over. I did a whole bunch of intensive physiotherapy (after my GP helpfully and very rapidly started talking about surgery - well-meaning, but not informed) and it pretty much saved my quality of life, my ability to earn, and my mental health.

Don't look to "cope" with this. It's typically fixable. Talk to an expert. There's a simple cost-benefit trade-off.

Comment Re:right to not incriminate yourself? (Score 2, Informative) 1155

The caution now runs thus:

“You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.”

which is to say, the prosecution is permitted to sneeer and imply that you've found an alibi after the fact; the judge won't censure them for it, and will not instruct jurors to ignore those comments.

Comment Criticism of the criticism in the article... (Score 1) 338

There's a strand of comments against that article offering the viewpoint that the author's criticism should be followed by patches, or is otherwise somehow invalidated.

Look at Diaspora's current "contributor agreement." It shows the same approach to legalese that's been demonstrated in the codebase: ie, it's of shoddy pre-alpha quality.

No bloody way. Fix the contributor agreement, you might see patches.

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