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Submission + - UK Declassifies 1992 UFO Files, 2 Sightings Legit? (

geddes writes: Fox News, the BBC, CNN, AP and AFP are all reporting on UFO sightings in England that came to light when the UK declassified their UFO files from 1986-1992 this weekend. There are hundreds of sightings, most silly, but two or three have gotten attention from the press. The most interesting is the account of U.S. Pilot Milton Torres whose jet was scrambled by the RAF over the city of Norwich, England. He was ordered to launch his full compliment of 24 of his missiles at a UFO the size of an aircraft carrier. Just before he launched the missiles, the object disappeared from his radar. Later he reported that he was told that what he saw was "top secret" and that he was never to discuss it again. The complete set of files are available online, providing a treasure trove that could keep any basement conspiracy theorist happy for weeks.

Submission + - Kasparov Arrested!

geddes writes: World chess champion turned opposition leader Gary Kasparov was arrested this morning while leading an march through Moscow in opposition to Russian President Vladamir Putin. Kasporov is a leader of the "Other Russia" coalition which has been banned by the government from appearing on TV, and had been denied a marching permit. From the New York Times:

Essentially barred from access to television, members of Other Russia have embraced street protests as the only platform to voice their opposition ahead of parliamentary elections in December and presidential elections next March. Early this month, Mr. Kasyanov's and Mr. Kasparov's Web sites were blocked, though it was unclear by whom.
Should Kasparov's courage in the face of Government repression be an example nerd-turned-political activist for us all? Which other "nerds" can we look up to who have abandoned their careers (Kasparov resigned from professional chess to fight for democracy in Russia) to fight for social justice?

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