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Comment Re:Bingo! (Score 1) 789

"given the current state of our economy"

Funny thing: Not everyone is out of a job, worried about losing their job, or hurting for money. If folks like us don't spend money the economy gets worse. Idiots like you spouting lines like that and making people feel bad or second guess themselves are making the problem worse not better.

The Internet

Submission + - Is There a Secret Sauce for a Hit Social Network? (

An anonymous reader writes: People hungry for social interaction on the web currently have a near boundless choice for their communal appetites, but this article in Social Computing Magazine notes that is increasingly difficult to launch a new one and achieve any real traction with it. The article chooses Virb as an example of one that's waned after a momentary spike, while Facebook continues its meteoric rise, causing recent speculation that it may even replace email. What makes FB a potential killer app and Virb an also-ran – what's the present consensus on the secret sauce for a globally successful social network?

Microsoft Applies To Patent DRM'ed OS Modules 134

wellingj writes "Microsoft has applied for a patent that sounds on the face of it like it ought to improve OS stability and reliability: the patent proposes to modularize device drivers much like Linux does. But, going further, Microsoft would apply DRM to these modules — as Groklaw puts it, 'using modularity plus DRM to restrict and contain and enforce.' The net result is that you might have to pay extra for OS hardware support. Things like USB keys, DVD-ROMS, Raid drives, and video cards might not be supported out of the box. LXer indulges in some dystopian speculation."

Submission + - Should GWB be impeached?

Cigarra writes: "The New York Times published yesterday an Op-Ed explaining how the president George W. Bush broke the law by "monitoring the phone calls and e-mail messages of Americans for more than four years without first obtaining warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, as required by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act."
Can we expect the F.B.I. to open an investigation and name a special prosecutor, and the Congress to start talking of impeachment now that it is no longer Republican controlled?"

Submission + - Remote Exploit of Vista Speech Control

An anonymous reader writes: George Ou writes in his Blog that he found a remote exploit for the new and shiny Vista Speech Control. E.g. Websites playing soundfiles can trigger arbitrary commands. As he reports Microsoft confirmed the bug and suggest as workarounds that either "A user can turn off their computer speakers and/or microphone." or "If a user does run an audio file that attempts to execute commands on their system, they should close the Windows Media Player, turn off speech recognition and restart their computer.". Well, who didn't see that coming?

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