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Comment Slashdot comments == Fox News comments (Score 1) 2247

Why is it that whenever a non technology article is submitted to slashdot, the comments devolve into childish name-calling and strongman arguments? Why don't we just stop calling each other stupid and offer an intelligent explanation of our position? Why not debate opposing views in a civil manner? Why not try to learn something from the opposing side?

Comment Re:Needs Stabilization (Score 1) 113

You cant gyro stabilize a motorcycle... it needs to lean to turn to generate the camber thrust necessary to turn.

That's not entirely correct. Gyroscopic forces are what keep the bike from falling over at speed. In fact you control the bike by manipulating the front gyroscope (wheel) in relation to the rear through a process known as counter-steering (to turn the bike left you turn the handlebars to the right, causing the bike to lean to the left; the gyroscopic forces of the wheels, crankshaft and mainshaft keep the bike from falling over completely while you're leaning into the turn).

Comment Re:Needs Stabilization (Score 1) 113

The bike already has at least 4 gyroscopes: 2 wheels, the crankshaft, and the transmission mainshaft. You could make a case for the counter shaft also being a gyroscope but that depends on the type of transmission used. I doubt you'd be able to realistically get a machine that size to stand on it's own thought it would be something I've never seen before. I'm not convinced that this handles poorly. The "stability" of a motorcycle is almost entirely dependent on the trail calculation (relationship between steering axis to front axle). With all that bodywork on the thing I couldn't even guess what the trail would be and I've been building bikes my entire adult life. Generally, if the bike is "squirrelly" at low speeds it would tend to be more stable at high speeds (excessive trail, think a modern chopper) and vice versa.

Comment Re:how about just make the rich pay their fair sha (Score 1) 306

I have to agree. For some reason success is demonized in our society. If you're not poor like the rest of us then you must be one of the evil "rich" who spends their entire day trying to figure out how to steal money from poor people... Unless you're on TV, then you're okay. Celebrity wealth doesn't count.

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