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Comment Re:moron. (Score 1) 899

Yeah, tell that to the millions of people stuck working in dead end jobs like Walmart and McDonalds. You can work and work and work in jobs like that and never get ahead at all. Guess which types of jobs are growing the much lately here in the US? That's right, McDonalds and Walmart-type jobs.

I know people with 4 year degrees delivering pizzas because there's no jobs in their field.

Why would you need to find a job? Make a good business plan or come up with an innovative idea, get some financial backing behind it and there's your success. That's what I meant with working hard, not some dead-end McDonalds job.

There's nothing, absolutely nothing stopping you from trying so. Except in socialist countries, where people have grown to know that the government will always take care of them and they can't improve their life standard much by trying to do new and innovative things, so they stay at status quo.

Comment Re:Sensationalist? I strongly disagree (Score 1, Flamebait) 899

No, this is Microsoft taking the required steps to protect against boot rootkits doing damage in the wild right now. It's nothing else, but it has been spinned as such. It's like conspiracy theorists who find some conspiracy in almost anything they hate. The difference just being that this isn't the big bad government and their secret UFO stuff, it's Microsoft.

Look, Microsoft is doing a far more good by killing of the boot-time rootkits. I'm sure the few people who want to dual boot can just buy devices that support it.

Comment Re:moron. (Score -1, Offtopic) 899

You went on such a huge rage that you even missed me saying I'm not even American. I live in Europe. Let me say it again - I live in Europe. And I hate the socialism here. Yes, the human development index might be better, but that's just it. It's standard shitty life for everyone, no matter how hard you work or try to make it better.

If you are starting to make it better than other people, they tax you so much that you're soon back to where everyone else is. At least with capitalism countries you can work to make your life better. In socialism countries you cannot - you just have to accept that no matter what you do, you will always have the same standard of living than anyone else.

Comment Re:What an over sensationalist title (Score 0, Flamebait) 899

I think that case happens really rarely. It's much greater good that Microsoft fixes the security problems regarding boot rootkits. Saying anything else is just hating Microsoft for nothing. And in the next boot rootkit article you can again yell at Microsoft about why they don't secure their systems. Jeez.

Comment Re:What an over sensationalist title (Score -1, Flamebait) 899

Welcome to capitalism, where have you been?

US hasn't been capitalist country for a while. It's turning into socialism, especially with Obama. I'm not even American and I can see that. The recent introduction of much higher taxes for rich people support that even more. Soon it will be like here in Europe, where they tax you so that no one can get richer than any other worker. It's nanny state tactic - people's feelings would get hurt when other people are better and have more than them.

Comment Re:What an over sensationalist title (Score 2, Insightful) 899

Now you're just talking shit. Microsoft was fined 15 years ago for making deals with manufacturers and were forbidden for doing so. They stopped. Manufacturers still offer Windows because that's what most people want, believe it or not. Everything works with Windows, especially if you're a gamer.

Comment Re:What an over sensationalist title (Score 0) 899

Wait, so you want me to do "positive marketing" for MS competitors? That doesn't count as shilling? Jeez, not everyone who gives a positive opinion about something is a shill. I seriously doubt that Slashdot even interests any large company, it's a small niche website of geeks who bash anything not-Linux or open source.

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