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Submission + - Adeona warns of instability. OpenDHT moth balled.

gbickford writes: "Adeona, the first Open Source system for tracking the location of your lost or stolen laptop, was featured on slashdot last year. I was stoked when I read about how it worked and I installed it immediately. I just went to look for updates on the site and was greeted with a giant warning message stating that "Adeona is currently not working". It seems that OpenDHT, the distributed hash table that stores the location information and photos, has been fairly unstable lately. The developers claim that this is "largely because the back-end OpenDHT system is not able to tolerate the load imposed by Adeona".

OpenDHT removed the need for a centralized database with tracking information which in effect prevents a 3rd party from tracking a user's whereabouts. OpenDHT was Sean Rhea's Ph.D. project back in 2005 and he has decided to officially bow out of maintaining it as of July 1st which has left the developers of Adeona looking for another back end to store location information and photos.

The source code for Adeona is up at https://edge.launchpad.net/adeona and they are actively seeking developer contributions in this post on the developer's list.

Do any developers have any ideas on where to put pant loads of information in a free, reliable, anonymous, and secure manner?"

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