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Comment belief is not science (Score 1) 1486

Finding the lowest common denominator, believers will equate everything with their belief... no different, they say. Just an opinion.
Science is not an opinion: it is a well formed conclusion based on rigorous discovery, generally demonstrated and always subject to revision but only based on rigorous discovery and inquiry.
Even to the farthest reaches of science, to string theory and worm holes and big bangs there are many hard won steps backed by much research. On the other side, there's just one step: god did it. QED.
The rationality of science under question by people who will have no truck with anything rational.
Skin heads, basically.


Court Takes Away Some of the Public Domain 431

An anonymous reader writes "In yet another bad ruling concerning copyright, a federal appeals court has overturned a lower court ruling, and said that it's okay for Congress retroactively to remove works from the public domain, even if publishers are already making use of those public-domain works. The lower court had said this was a First Amendment violation, but the appeals court said that if Congress felt taking away from the public domain was in its best interests, then there was no First Amendment violation at all. The ruling effectively says that Congress can violate the First Amendment, so long as it feels it has heard from enough people (in this case, RIAA and MPAA execs) to convince it that it needs to do what it has done." TechDirt notes that the case will almost certainly be appealed.

Comment gberke (Score 1) 394

"only" 14% ever exceed?
How about a curve? How many are "this far" from exceeding?
And how about those that transmit almost nothing at all?
This is a back door move to end network neutrality.
A simple solution: regulate the ISPs. They are a utility. They are a must have.
And regulate them now.
Regulation is the best way to control prices at the same time it reduces risk to the provider.

Comment Re:Oh hey, look, in the distance, that ship... (Score 1) 437

right on the money: we elected him, we re elected him, we didn't impeach him, (I would have thought the Impeach signs would have bloomed like poppies in the field, but no: too scared.) and the democrats didn't quite "shine"...(after they wanted to prosecute for illegal wire tapping, they added to the law so that in the future it wouldn't be!)
it's chicken to bother with him now. he's gone.

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