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Comment Re:The story behind the story (Score 2) 412

It seems that Hillarys campaing is usign extremely dirty tricks. Not just paying to cause violence on Trumps rallies, bussing people to vote several times, but also this pedophilia/Russian 1 million dollars smear against Assange:

Comment Re:The story behind the story (Score 2) 412

I recommend you to study this even more closely, but here are some of the completely unbelievable things in this smear attempt against Assange:

"Their yellowpages site says they have been in business 5 years.
Ok so how many times has this link been shared on reddit? I googled the URL specific to this site, and it's only come up three times. All within the last 24 hours."

"This shady dating site claims to be the "ONLY Dating Site to ever partner with the UN Initiative" (Now that's fucking odd...) AND THEY JUST GOT KICKED OUT OF THE UN FIVE DAYS AGO?!?!"

"Todd Hammonds LinkedIn: (It's fucking nothing) But it does say he lives in SF. I'm in the Bay Area also, I could pay a visit to offices if we can actually find any legitimate offices...
Their Dating Site Eventbrite page. Only one event for the fastest growing dating website that has married 3,000 people since 2011???
Here is the LinkedIn of "Kate Hogan," this is the person who wrote the "Press Release" about ToddAndClare accusing Assange of sexual misconduct.
Of course she's got only 1 connection, and no other real information anywhere. Also, the phone number listed in the press release rings twice and then immediately disconnects. But it doesn't give a recording, it just says "call failed" I've never really experienced that. Anyway you'd think that someone who just put out a press release regarding the UN and Assange would have a working phone!
Here's their bullshit subreddit: (No posts in three months)
Here's their weird "book" that they wrote about starting their company 5 years ago. Notice how every review is exactly 189 days old and all are very short and positive. This is shilling no doubt about it."

"How can their site, registered 20 sep 2015, claim 3000 marriages by November 2 2015?"

"Thanks to /u/ChrissFinn for linking the email from Wikileaks that ToddAndClare originally sent to Assange to get all this started. They offer him $1 million dollars to do some sort of commercial. This is obviously a scam because they don't have a million dollars, they don't even have a legitimate mailing address or working fucking phone numbers! This was a set up from the very beginning!"

" all users images are cropped and mirrored and can be reverse google image searched to other locations. Plus none of the employees seem to exist. Email between Jullian and T& -Honeypot to get him to accept russian funds and discredit his leaks, failed, so they accused him of pedophilia instead. When searched for. The ToddandClare business location is actually identical to this company "Premise Data Corporation" Here you can view its team page Who's board of directors has guess who "Larry Summers" Who goes by "Lawrence Summers" in "The Center for American Progress" Superpac https://www.americanprogress.o... Also Affiliated directly with Podesta, as a quick wikileaks search gets And if you just look at David Solof, the founder of "Premise Data Corporation" He's pictured right there standing with HRC herself on his photo feed."

"The months where there are 100s of profiles created, they are all uploaded and processed on the same day. In August hundreds of accounts are added on the 4th and then none for the rest of the month.
Most of the accounts are seemingly fake and created by a script, there is a very clear clustering of fake names used by the script. In July my limited data set shows 32 users created called Dorothy and 10 users created called Edith, in August there are no new users added by those names but equally high numbers of other random names.
The website is seemingly full of fake members despite the backstory that it's all handpicked skype verified women. The backstory is a lie, it's a website with no members."

Comment Re:The story behind the story (Score 1) 412

Look even more closely about the details of those accusations, it is incredible how poorly made the smear attempt against Asssange really is. For example, the dating site seems to be more or less fake site, which some strange UN connection, with conflicting, unbelievable and missing information etc.

Comment Re:The story behind the story (Score 3, Informative) 412

Don't fall for that very crudely made smearing attempt of Assange. It is incredible that they are trying to smear with this as it doesn't stand up under close scrutiny. Check for yourself about some of the details and how this is connected to Hillary Clinton:


Background and Documents on Attempts to Frame Assange as a Pedophile and Russian spy

WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Internet sleuths connect Clinton to mysterious intelligence contractor associated with Assange false accusations

WikiLeaks on Twitter: "Internet sleuths connect Clinton to mysterious intelligence contractor associated with Assange false accusations 2

Comment Re:"Gay Culture" is blind devotion then? (Score 1) 636

If I were a US citizen, there I would certainly vote for Trump. I usually like Democratic Party party more than Republican party, but in this cause the choice is easy. Only Trump seems to understand what kind of existential threat Muslim immigration is and as an European and a gay, I am terrified about this mass Muslim immigration to Europe. If this is allowed to continue, Muslims will become majority with surprisingly short time period, especially when you take into account family refugee family reunification and much higher birthrates compared to non-Muslims. This will cause Europe to became another Muslim area with terrorism, gays and women losing human rights, violence between religious groups, all the typical social problems in Muslim countries etc. You don't fix the problems of Muslim countries by spreading their problems to the rest of the world.

And having been following The_Donald on reddit and many other sources, I am shocked how dirty play the Democratic party and mainstream media has had against Trump. Of course, Trump is not a perfect person, but I cannot remember ever being as excited about presidential candidate. And although Hillary has some some good sides in her, I am also terrified about her. She doesn't seem to understand the long term threat of Islam and as a warmonger, she might start a nuclear war with Russia far too easily, just like Jill Stein of the Green party recently said.

Comment Re: Just what the world needs (Score 1) 268

He's not as bad as many Republicans on this particular topic, no, but he's hardly pro-gay.

He is not as enlighted on this issue as I wish he was, but I can with those issues. And I think there is some clear pro-gay elements as well. He has supported AIDS charities in 80s and 90s, seems to have gay friends and he has supported amending the 1964 Civil Rights Act to "include a ban of discrimination based on sexual orientation.".

And if I am not mistaken, Hillary is not completely spotless on gay issues either:

Hillary Clinton's Gay-Marriage Problem

Comment Re: Just what the world needs (Score 1) 268

It is true that there is more things in your life than just your sexual orientation. Being gay (or straight) is just a part of yourself. You are much more than just your sexual orientation. We all have different opinions about different things, different personalities, different experiences, different interest, different hobbies, different jobs, different families, different diseases, different places we live etc. Sexual orientation does not dictate these things and is often not even involved at all with many of these things.

And when you vote for a candidate, it is almost guaranteed that you are not able to find a candidate that agrees with you on every issue. With the current political system you have to make compromise and try to choose a candidate that has a chance to be elected and is closest to your opinions.

As a Finn I am not able to vote for Trump, but I would vote for him if I could and if the other choices were the current ones. And I am a gay, but not self loathing in any way. I just wish that we here would have similar politicians that understand that uncontrolled Muslim immigration at this rate cannot continue or it is going to destroy Europe. As a gay I am very afraid for the future of next generations of gays if we let Islam to take over of Europe. And even though it won't happen immediately, it will happen in a frighteningly short time period, if this mass immigration from Muslim countries is not stopped.

And before somebody starts to lecture that not all Muslims want to kill gays, I recommend they to check the human rights situation of gays in Muslim countries and the opinion polls done among Muslims both in Muslim countries and in western countries as well. Practically all Muslim countries are more or less black holes for human rights and not just for gays. My best friend, with whom I have lived several years, happens to be a gay from Muslim background and trough him I have much more detailed than many naive leftist who seem to think that we have resources to save the whole world and just being nice to other we will be rewarded with nice behavior towards us. They don't understand that both Islam and overbreeding are the main reasons why these countries they are coming from, are such poor and terrible places. And if we let these people and they continue to insist to practice backwards religion, cousing marriages with mental retardiation and to overbreed, we have not saved their own countries, but we are going to cause the same kind of problems to appear here as well and destroy our own country as well.

And it is not just the gay rights or the rights of women that are at risk. Even with the current immigration levels there is starting to be more and more often Islamic terror attacks in Europe (of course, in many Muslim countries there is even much more terrorism). Sharia patrols are starting to attack people if they drink alcohol, have dog, seem to be gay etc. In many areas firemen, ambulances etc are attacked and they don't go there at least without police escort and even police tries to avoid these areas that seem to be spreading.

And it is not just human rights and security that are threatened. For example, there will be even much more difficult housing crisis, we will run out of money to have social security anymore. On average humanitarian migrant will cost about 500000-1000000 euros during their lifetime and employment levels are often extremely low (partly because of socil security, partly because they tend to have extremely low education or are often even illiterate, even though local job markets tend to require education, speaking local languages etc). Last year there were much more than million asylum seekers.

Of course Trump is not perfect. He uses ruder language than I would in many things. But he seems to be one of the few who understands that uncontrolled immigration is going to destroy Europe if it is let to continue for much longer. And that issue is much more important than having gay marriage accepted or not. What good does gay marriage do, if within couple generations there will be sharia law which totally prohibits homosexuality or if there are routinely violent attacks towards gays.

Comment Re: Just what the world needs (Score 4, Informative) 268

As an European I haven't been following all the details, but if I am not mistaken, Trump is actually relatively supportive towards gays (especially if compared to others within Republican party) even if he does not support recognizing gay marriage at the moment. There was story about this issue on New York Times:

Donald Trump's More Accepting Views on Gay Issues Set Him Apart in G.O.P.

Comment Re:This is largely a myth (Score 0) 268

That is true, but the she is an astute foreign policy person, and will have very good relationships with Angela Merkel, who very much understands what's at stake.

Was that some kind of sick joke? Angela Merkel is disaster and her extremely shortsighted and naive politics with asylum seekers, Turkey etc is not only in danger of destroying the EU, but Europe itself. Now Brits have voted to escape this madness and I understand well why they have done that.

Comment Re:Citizens come last (Score 1) 308

The budgeted costs for this year are already 1000 million and I wouldn't be surprised that even that wouldn't be enough, especially when you count family reunifications. And next your will probably cost much more as the number of persons that are here, keeps rising rapidly and they have very poor probability of getting work. And there is no need for extermination camps. Just not letting them into country is enough, Besides, the majority of them are just seeking better life standard and not even fleeing war. And fleeing war is not grounds for getting refugee status according to Geneva Convention on Refugees.

And in the end, somebody will have to fight ISIS and stop the spread of it to even wider and wider areas. Those who are fleeing war and leaving their women behind, might as well be the ones, who fight against ISIS. We could support the fight against ISIS with weapons, medical supplies etc.

Comment Re:Don't fret. You just suck at reading comprehens (Score 1) 308

Both of you are using inaccurate, old and/or false information. The situations is much worse than you seem to think. Here are just some examples where you are using false information or misinterpreting it:

-During 2015 the number of asylum seekers in Finland was about 32000 persons and not 15000 persons
-That 15000 euros doesn't cover all costs
-That 2400 persons using relocation of 120000 persons would come on top of that 32000 persons. However, even this relocation scheme is more or less dead (*).
-"Finland is likely to resettle asylum seekers to other countries of the European Union if the bloc creates a permanent and binding mechanism of redistribution of refugees": There doesn't seem to be much political will for this and in any case, it wouldn't make the asylum crisis any better. It would only spread it to even more countries and buy little more time, but the flood from developing countries is in practice endless and accelerating. It is simply unsustainable and must be stopped or Europe as we know it, will collapse.

*) The relocation of 120000 persons from certain South-European countries was one time test. Finland took about 100-200 person of the promised 2400 persons, but all other countries took much less, even if those countries were much bigger and had promised to take much more people than Finland. It seems that this process failed miserably. And in any case, 120000 is only small fraction of persons that are in Southern-Europe. It would not have solved anything, especially as so many persons come in daily, that it would hardly make any difference.

Comment Re:Refugees (Score 1) 308

It won't take long that countries start going bankruptcy or at least stop having welfare system, with social security, healthcare and education. As Milton Friedman said, welfare state is incompatible with open borders. And on top of that, we will have very high level of crime and probably more and more terrorist attacks by ISIS.

Comment Re:Refugees (Score 1) 308

You said that: "The cost of the refugee crisis is orders of magnitude lower than what is needed to keep funding universities as they were previously." It is actually the other way around. The university budget cuts are somewhat more than 100 million euros a year, but much less than the 1000 millions that is budgeted for the asylum seeker crisis. And it is likely that the budgeted 1000 millions won't cover all costs of asylum seekers and during following years the cost of asylum seeker crisis is going to rise rapidly as the number of these "immigrants" staying in this country is going to rise rapidly.

And these immigrants very likely don't cause just temporary problem. For example, in Norway it has been estimated that the lifetime cost of humanitarian immigrant to the country is somewhere between 500000-1000000 euros. Even though some of them will after many years find a job, the total net effect is still quite negative.

And we know from previous persons from these areas that even after many years, the unemployment percentage is extremely high compared to native population. And the education average education level for these "immigrants" is quite low. For example, great majority of persons from Somalia and Afghanistan are even illiterate. And only small percentage persons from Iraq have education that would be useful here.

And our economy is already in quite bad shape, unemployment rates high and we don't have free jobs waiting for these people. If this flood of asylum seekers (most of which are just economic immigrants) continues much longer, we will simply run out of money. We can continue some time with loaned money, but at some point nobody will want to loan money to us. And I don't think it is wise to run this country into chaos and collapse by letting these people come without any end in sight. We are tiny country and we cannot save the billions of poor people who ruin their own countries with backward religion and culture and would like to export it to other countries as well by making far too many babies compared to their capability to take care of them.

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