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Comment Re:YRO? (Score 2) 738

Up to $250 can be claimed as educational expenses on federal taxes with the appropriate receipts. Unfortunately we spend close to $1000 every year on things like photocopies for tests and in-class supplies.

The copier at the high school requires a teacher code and only allows a certain number of copies per quarter. My wife uses the entire budget on the first couple weeks since it amounts to about three double-sided sheets of paper for each of her students. A small part of our personal monthly budget goes towards keeping her classroom running but we can afford it.

Comment Re:Online is the only way to shop these days (Score 1) 314

You are right on about Ace. I can't wait until the new one they are building a few miles from here opens. There are three Home Depots and a Lowes within 10 miles but I'll take the Ace for general hardware, tools, and useful stuff. Another place to look is Harbor Freight. They both remind me of the real hardware stores my grandpa used to shop.
PlayStation (Games)

Submission + - Accellerated X drivers coming for PS3 Linux (

t0qer writes: Over at the PS2dev forums a hacker named Ironpeter has successfully managed to bypass the PS3's Hypervisor to gain direct access to it's Nvidia RSX GPU.

This is s first step and far from a complete working driver, but it seems as word of this spreads, more people are helping with the effort to hunt down the Hypervisors Fifo/Push buffer. It won't be long before we're playing tux racer on the PS3 in it's full OpenGL glory.


Submission + - Modular robot adept at wriggling

MattSparkes writes: "A modular robot that transforms itself into different shapes in order to walk, crawl and clamber up inclines has been demonstrated in the US. Each "Superbot" module is effectively a robot in its own right. The modules can move independently, flip over and rotate like wheels, and have 3D accelerometers that let them know their precise orientation. The six sides of each module can dock with any other module. Once connected, the modules can communicate, coordinate shape changes and even transmit power."

Old Islamic Tile Patterns Show Modern Math Insight 538

arbitraryaardvark writes "Reuters reports that medieval Muslims made a mega math marvel. Tile patterns on middle eastern mosques display a kind of quasicrystalline effect that was unknown in the west until rediscovered by Penrose in the 1970s. 'Quasicrystalline patterns comprise a set of interlocking units whose pattern never repeats, even when extended infinitely in all directions, and possess a special form of symmetry.' It isn't known if the mosque designers understood the math behind the patterns or not."

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