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Comment Re:Try Daktech, 7 year warranty (Score 1) 606

I'm seconding Daktech as a solid supplier, these guys have an absolutely ludicrous warranty. My department has a lot of their systems in service and they've done very well.

They're not bullshitting when they say a 7 year warranty. I've called them up about some dead CDROM drives in some 5-year-old celerons and they've sent over/dropped off replacements (I'm local). If they don't have the original part they send over something similar or slightly better.

They don't usually need to do this however, as they use good parts. I've taken some apart to find decent Antec cases/PSUs, Intel motherboards, non-proprietary form factors and parts.

The only problem is that they don't always have the bleeding edge stuff to spec your machines, but Dell will take you to town on that sort of spec anyways, so they're really not much better.

Comment Re:no-harm no-foul (Score 1) 567

Also quite off topic, but there are a good number of us over here in the Fargo.

As for NDSU, it can be good times, lots of interesting people around and groups to hang out with. Classes can be fun too if you're actually interested in programming and projects.

Protip: join the ACM chapter. They can be an odd bunch at times (and the office has a scary couch) but it's a great group/place for studying, hanging out, projects, advice, and pulling all-nighters during dead week.

Comment Re:SATA port multipliers (Score 3, Informative) 609

That's only accurate under the assumption that a single drive can max out a 3 Gbps line. I'd like to see a reasonably-priced consumer grade HD that can pull THAT off. It doesn't really matter anyways as the ultimate bottleneck here will be the network at 1Gbps. Five drives evenly using a 3 Gbps channel would still be allowed 62.5 MB/s each, and that's still pretty good for network transfer.

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