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Comment Re:It's the rational decision (Score 1) 476

Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics. Ignoring facts like I'm certain if you look at the poverty level where the people in Chicago were killed it's probably fairly high. Also the part where the population is most likely >80% African American. And the part where violence has been stirred.. and how many of the killed were part of gang or other subsets where there is a tendency to step outside the realm of lawsuits?

Comment Other IM services (Score 4, Insightful) 197

So they hold Twitter responsible, but not Skype (Microsoft), Yahoo, AOL, or any of the other companies that offer IM-type or bulletin board type services where information can be passed? Hell - with a little planning, a Wikipedia article edit could be used as a communication channel, not to mention the talk portion where editing an article is discussed. Or even Slashdot - read at -1 and find your messages for the Kettle Run on the next anniversary.

Comment Re: Very Basic Income (Score 3, Insightful) 618

This year? Around $3800 overall so far. Years past anywhere between $800 and $7000. I kind of like the Universal Basic Income idea - the coming automation/no jobs nightmare needs a solution and I'd rather see things tried now and bugs worked out versus trying to do it while in the middle of the nightmare.

Comment Re:Also Good for Corporate WiFi Networks (Score 1) 106

And said C level executive will say (if you are lucky) "Here's X amount of dollars. Make it work, I want to be able to use device in meeting next Wednesday." I can guarantee you that X is going to be less than the amount needed to do it properly and a performance goal will be added to said IT guy's yearly review showing how well they made it work (or not work).


Academics Claim Google Android 2FA Is Breakable ( 48

totalcaos writes: Attackers who control the [browser on the] PC of a user consuming Google services (Gmail, Google+ etc) can surreptitiously push and activate apps on the user's mobile device, bypassing SMS-based two-factor authentication (2FA) via the phone. How Anywhere Computing Just Killed Your Phone-Based Two-Factor Authentication is a paper that explains the wider issues of phone-based 2FA. Herbert Boss, professor of systems and security at Vrije Unversiteit Amsterdam, who co-authored the mobile security paper with the two PhD students, disclosed the vulnerability to Google but they "still [refuse] to fix it."

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