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Comment Re:If you can't mandate English in England.. (Score 4, Interesting) 139

Uber cabs are not public hire (that would be black cabs in London), they're private hire. You can't flag them on the street. But I have no problem with the ruling. You need to be able to talk to your taxi driver. You might have a preferred route, or need to give instructions round a one-way system, or tell them to let you out at the shops. It's a customer-facing position and it demands a certain level of communication skills, in this case an acceptable standard in the nation's official language.

And it's not like Uber are sticking up for the hard-working, hard-done-by drivers here. They just need warm bodies to keep accruing marketshare until the Johnnycabs are certified and they can ditch the lot of them.

Comment Re:Hope you enjoy being broke (Score 5, Insightful) 552

Not wasting a cent on any performer who engages in this nonsense.

Good. You stick to your guns and never go to another live show again.

I'm sick of people like you trying to film shows and blocking my view. Instead of me being able to enjoy a show, I have the experience stolen from me so while some narcissistic tool holds their iPad above their head to take shakycam footage with abysmal audio, and all I can see is their poorly exposed image on the iPad's screen.

It's a LIVE performance. The entire point of the exercise is what's happening right in front of you at that very second. Whatever you're recording on your phone or iPad is a miserable substitute. Try actually paying attention to the show instead of fiddling with your widget.

Comment Re:Why stay? (Score -1, Offtopic) 729

No one has a "right" to live anywhere. Ridiculous.

That is pants-on-head Tea Party retarded. So, unless you're a mortgage-free homeowner, whoever holds the title on your property has the right (no quotes) to force you into indigency on a whim? Well, that'll do wonders for a stable society. But, of course, society's not your problem - it's not like you live in it or anything.

Comment Re:Some members (Score 1) 249

If it is indeed the content providers, why can't Netflix stand up to them?

Because the content providers are effectively operating as a cartel. Maybe not formally, but you can guarantee they're talking to each other, sneaking a look at each other's contracts, and making sure their licensing terms don't diverge too far. It is very much in the content providers' interests to make sure they can still apply pricing discrimination between markets so they can maximise their profits and not have Netflix cannibalise all their other regional sales channels (e.g. Blu-Ray/DVD sales) too. What customers want is next to irrelevant to content providers - all they care about is what the market will bear for their product.

Comment Re:Marissa must be a prepper (Score 1) 159

More's the pity. Still bitter about having worked for a startup that bootstrapped to profitability and never sold out. Because there were no VCs, the board was beholden to nobody. Founders didn't even shop the place out. Options ended up worthless. Eventually the company will end up worthless too. The company ended up working for the continued job preservation of its management. And the CEO didn't care.

If it was so important to be CEO, why not sell the company at a premium and use the money to start another one? We've wasted multiple startups' worth of funding on internal projects that went nowhere except to give product managers a product to manage, and developers a way to train for their next jobs at companies with futures.

They're managing the company responsibly as a going concern, not as a pump-and-dump opportunity. They're keeping the lights on and the workers paid. And you're pissed because you've got a steady job with training opportunities, a salary, and some moderately valuable shares, instead of an unearned, over-valued payday? Sign your letter of resignation and cash in, if you're that upset about it. Use that money to found your own company and whore it out to the biggest billionaire idiots you can find. Not willing to take that risk? Then quit whining, you whiner.

Comment Re:first (Score 1) 508

And in that sense, Stross has a point: he's identifying tropes that separate the authors that base their work on scientific plausibility from those that base their work on science-sounding fantasy truthiness, hence "shibboleths".

Comment Re:Sanctimonius pricks (Score 3, Insightful) 319

Parent fails English interpretation. The first sentence groups Ashley Madison members with other freethinkers as the subjects of illegal action. Freethinkers aren't the perpetrators, they're another class of victim roped in by the AM crowd to make out that hacking a cheaters website was just gosh-darned un-American.

Of course, the hackers aren't doing this out a sense of morality. Quite the opposite in fact - they just want to stir shit up and cause havoc.

Comment Re:Next Thing You Know... (Score 1) 418

Did we read the same articles? Neither commented on the profitability or productivity of Gravity Payments following the bump in pay at all. What they did say was, out of 120 employees, 2 whiny millennial narcissists threw their toys out the cot and quit when they found out they couldn't differentiate themselves from their colleagues by the heft of their pay packet. And that their friends might tap them for a loan what with all that extra cash they used to be taking home.

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face...

Comment Re:New law not legal? (Score 2) 301

Isn't by definition a new law legal (assuming it isn't against a constitution or any higher law)? Is the only threshold that it would not cause financial harm if that is the case most laws should be illegal as they all cause financial harm to someone.

Because it violates the Treaty on the Functioning of Europe. Treaties take precedence over parliamentary laws. That's why they're so dangerous and shouldn't be negotiated in secret.

Comment Re:Two words ... (Score 1) 282

So the camera's set up in the hall facing the front door and the end times have come. My sanity's being eroded by the eldritch horrors nibbling at my numinous being AND the parquet floor in my hallway's going to get scorched by my incinerating corpse when I try to see if that's the newspaper or the hand of a shambling lunatic poking through my letterbox..? Bloody typical.

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