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Comment Re:Obligatory Pentax Fanboy Comment (Score 1) 160

Actually been shooting with Pentax since the early 70's. For me, runs rings around canon and nikon. K20 rocks. K3... actually not as well as the k20 for me. And their new full frame is supposed to be amazing. And of course, they're all built like tanks. The problem, I feel, with Pentax is... they rarely advertise. So most folks think they're a low end piece since they never heard of them.

Comment $500 mirror (Score 1) 290

Let's see... 5 bucks for a mirror... 500 for a camera. Sure. After all cars are cheap. What's another few hundred bucks. And who wants to spend 5 bucks for a replacement mirror when they can pay 500? Plus installation.

Submission + - Hologram arrives! (

garyoa1 writes: Microsoft says it will start shipping a developer version of its augmented reality device, HoloLens, for $3,000 on March 30.

Submission + - Gravitational waves are a reality (

garyoa1 writes: Gravitational waves are a reality, according to scientists from an institution that has been hoping to observe them.

“We have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said David Reitze, executive director of LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory.

Comment Everything sux. (Score 2) 61

They all have flaws. Use one for this, another for that. One has neat add ons, the other has crap. 9 jillion browsers out there and none of them do a decent job.

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