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Comment Re:Odd Binning (Score 1) 264

If you still have that Samsung laying around pull out the power supply and check the capacitors... I have (3) 21.5 inch Samsung 223bw's and I've had to replace capacitors in all of them to fix power issues, the monitors look pretty good, but the quality of parts in them is very suspect, that said I've not had issues with them since just recapping the power supplies, but thats not really something the average consumer is able/willing to do....

Comment Re:I just don't get it (Score 2) 256

Well i guess you could buy the game for the packaging, leave it unopened, and pirate a DRM free copy for its actual playability... that being said as an avid gamer I will now think twice before purchasing a capcom game. I prefer to patronize companies who at least pay passing respect to that "treat people the way you would like to be treated"

Comment Re:Palin the Populist Plutocrat (Score 1) 211

So she should have rode her bike to Israel? and they bought all the fixings for a small bar... I fail to see the problem here, outside of the fact that you've citied no sources, also, you're last objection, that " * The Department of Defense advanced a CODEL of 56 members of Congress and staff $60,000 to travel to Louisiana and Mississippi July 19-22, 2008, to “view flood relief advances from Hurricane Katrina.” The three-day trip cost the U.S. Air Force $65,505.46, exceeding authorized funding by $5,505.46." By my math thats roughly $350/day/per member of congress... $350 a day to cover travel, food, and lodging for a member of congress along with at least one member of their staff.... this is unacceptable to you? I feel like you must be a blast at parties.....

Cedega Being Replaced By GameTree Linux 124

An anonymous reader writes "TransGaming Cedega, the software forked from Wine that allows running Windows games under Linux, is being discontinued and replaced by GameTree Linux. This new software is also free. From the new website: 'TransGaming is pleased to announce the continued development of Cedega Technology under the GameTree Developer Program. This repositioning of the technology that powered the Cedega Gaming Service will allow the entire Linux community to gain free access going forward. Cedega is a cross-platform enablement technology that allows for Windows-native games to be executed on both the Linux desktop and embedded Linux platforms.'"

Comment Re:At present, NOBODY's able to do it. (Score 1) 351

thats why i've invented a system that turns your blood into a magnetically reactive metal and, using rare earth magnets implanted in the arches of the feet, is able to simulate the effects of gravity on the body. my lead research scientist, dr. cody, says the system will be ready to go once he figures out why its killed most of the cats he's tested it on!

Comment Re:Death by ACLU association. (Score 1) 283

The ACLU has defended a lot of doucebags in their time, but one can't argue against their impartiality; they generally fall on the side of rights, regardless of how loony the person or group they are representing. Gotta give them credit for that.

like them or not the ACLU will defend freedom of speech at any cost...this reminds me of when the ACLU took the case of a Neo-Nazi group who had been denied to right to assemble in the Chicago suburb of Skokie at a time when 1 out of 6 residents in that town was a Holocaust survivor. The ACLU took the Nazi's case, and with a Jewish lead attorney, successfully defended the Nazi's in court. The Nazi's never did march and the ACLU lost like 30,000 members because of their defense, but in hindsight you really have to respect standing firm on the grounds of i don't have to like what you say, but i'll defend to the death your right to say it

United Kingdom

Badgers Digging Up Ancient Human Remains 172

One of England's oldest graveyards is under siege by badgers. Rev Simon Shouler now regularly patrols the grounds of St. Remigius Church looking for bones that the badgers have dug up. The badger is a protected species in England so they can not be killed, and attempts to have them relocated have been blocked by English Nature. From the article: "At least four graves have been disturbed so far; in one instance a child found a leg bone and took it home to his parents. ... Rev. Simon Shouler has been forced to carry out regular patrols to pick up stray bones, store them and re-inter them all in a new grave."

Comment Re:Net neutrality never had a chance (Score 1, Redundant) 427

we came of age during the wild west days of the internet. those days are over... isp's, the mpaa, the riaa, and the corporate powers that be all have a VERY vested interest in being able to control who has access when, as they do with all other forms of entertainment and information distribution on a large scale. money talks, which means an open source community in favor of creativity, innovation, and freedom of expression will lose in Washington. net neutrality is a great idea in the same vein as reasonable copyright laws, but when it comes down to brass tacks money wins over reason, which sucks, but at this point in America we should be used to it. i apologize for the sweeping generalizations but it's sad, and at this point between nafta, gatt, the dmca, patriot act, etc, how are we even surprised by this any more, money trumps the actual best interest of the american people every day of the week and reasonable logical long term solutions will be thrown under the bus in favor of the whims of a company who donates heavily to some career politician's reelection fund.... and THANKFULLY /sarcasm/ the supreme court recently removed those pesky donation limits so corporate persons can feel free to be even more open about what politicians the purchase... our country is in a sad state because of shit like this. net neutrality deserved a fair chance and the internet was the best, last refuge for free expression, but when you have a senile senator heading the committee on it explaining it as a series of tubes, not a dump truck, referring to email as "an internet" only to later be run out of town on corruption charges what the hell do you expect... the only thing i can think to say is thank you to the FCC for their to date entirely reasonable stance on the internet. it is the one thing that the regulate that they honestly got right from the get go, and its sad to see that era end thanks to lobbyists who have more money to spend pulling wool over the eyes of idiots than you or i do... that said please please please keep fighting the good fight EFF, i'll continue to donate when i can... and i have written my congressman about this, whatever difference that makes, all i have is but one vote to give, which doesn't buy ad time come reelection season...

Comment Re:Monsanto v. Schmeiser (Score 5, Informative) 435

When Monsanto can successfully sue you for patent infringement when a neighbor's seeds blow onto your land, then yes, Monsanto needs to die. If "Roundup Ready" weeds are part of it, bring them on.

He wasn't sued because some seeds blew onto his land. He was sued because he harvested the product of those seeds and replanted 95% of his field with them the following year.

By your bizarre logic, the dude that found the iPhone prototype should have gained the right to duplicate and sell it.

i hope to god you're trolling, in that particular case the farmer had been saving seed for his entire farming career, as many do (and a practice that monsatno is fighting tooth and nail with their so called terminator seeds, which are only viable for one generation) monsanto's seed blew into his field from passing farmers who used it, and against his desire his field was polluted with their product. Monsanto demanded he destroy his entire seed store, which he had been developing his entire life, because their product contaminated his field against his wishes. Not to mention, you iphone example is comically irrelevant, as there are many inherent differences between a living thing that spreads by itself and reproduces ITSELF and a goddamn cell phone, which, unlike canola, wouldn't exist if not constructed by humans. Your logic is flawed beyond defense perhaps you should have at least read up a little about the case before commenting. Maybe then you would have noticed that in 2008 monsanto settled with mr. schmeiser and agreed to pay the clean up cost of removing their product, which he never wanted in the first place, from his fields. He also was not forced to sign the standard monsanto gag order, and the window was left open for him to sue again, should their GM seed contaminate his fields again. This is also a nice precedent for those of us who don't much care for the GM agricultural business. Also who modded this comment interesting? it isn't.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 513

i've never seen so much "won't somebody think of the children" BS on slashdot.... the sentiment here so far seems to be "well i don't speed (liars), so i don't mind the cameras", which is silly, i don't sell crack or run a basement casino but i still appreciate and recognize the importance of 4th amendment protections even though, were the police to kick down my door, they would find nothing amiss. its been mentioned quite a few times already but look at Britain with its mass of CCTV cameras and speed cameras, i don't see how ANYONE can look at that system and think, yes, lets bring that to America! There are times when we need to choose between preservation of personal liberties and nanny state garbage, even if the nanny state garbage could save a few lives in the long run... just in the same way i'm happily willing to face an "increased risk of a terrorist act" if we scuttled the decidedly un-american and hypocritically named Patriot Act in its entirety...

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