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Comment Re:That's a bit extreme. (Score 1) 406

No, Mr. Anonymous, Apple is not. Apple has never, EVER, >> EVER chased sales volume as a metric of success. That's practically a part of their company charter. There have been whole chapters of books written about this fact, and why it has made them such an envied company with such envied margins.

And yet, they've ended up making such darned good products, and aggressively driving down costs, that they manage a pretty amazing sales volume anyway.

Comment Re:A success but not a game-changer (Score 1) 406

You say that now.

But wait about five years, when Apple has crammed ten times the power of the current iPhone into a watch body, and linked it to a pair of slim, light VR sunglasses that you control by wiggling your fingers and/or gesturing in the air.

People will be dumping their iPhones into the sea, and the "apple VR watch" will become the one product everyone on Earth needs.

Comment heh heh (Score 2) 406

That's not a bad thing.

If your Apple Watch battery goes dead and you don't replace it out of frustration, Apple still has the money you spent on that first watch, even if it didn't last 20 years like the Rolex might. Apple doesn't have a "problem" there. What they have, is a second chance to sell you a watch.

Comment Well, (Score 1) 406

you can get a good pair of sneakers for 30 bucks, and those will get you from point A to point B.
Therefore ALL cars are a fashion accessory.

Personally, I like saving time, so I spent a few hundred more than that and I ride a bicycle.

If I got tired of hauling my phone out of my pocket every ten minutes for 12 hours a day every day, I'd probably buy a smartwatch.

Everybody's on their own scale, aye?

Comment Har har (Score 1) 406

1998 called, it wants it's "insight" back.

Just because you don't see a use for it doesn't mean others don't.

You know what a "sustained bubble of nothing" is?
It's the vehement prediction of the imminent failure of the most profitable company in recorded history,
just after a conference call where they announce the most profitable quarter in their own history,
and citing as evidence the fact that they have been so ridiculously successful that they can't possibly go anywhere but down,
and therefore they will drop into a chasm and declare bankruptcy any second now.

Find another hobby, please!

Comment Re: "Informative", but wrong. (Score 1) 131

You are simply offering a different spin on what are still enormous numbers. The fact that you can spin them to make this look like the _second_ most profitable quarter in the history of any company, relative to the quarter that same company had a year ago, does not matter much.

Another "more accurate" comparison would be to look at a week-by-week year-over-year breakdown of profits, and subtract off only the profits for that _specific_ extra week. Wouldn't you agree? What's a dull week in October, compared to the second week of December, aye? For all you know, this extra week was _a_handicap_.

Comment Microsoft? MICROSOFT? (Score 1) 131

In my day we used to dreaaaaam of having a big gorilla tech company like Microsoft, whose demise we could foretell. We had to content ourselves with big oil, and big coal, and THAT'S if we were LUCKY. Most people had to hate on the auto industry. And those poor buggers were almost proven right!! You kids, with your tech hardware juggernauts and your defense contractors, you don't know easy you have it...

Comment Any day ... Any day now ... (Score 4, Funny) 131

Sometime soon, I swear.
The company is balanced on a tiny wire, with all its appeal based on fashion and the whims of teenagers, and soon it will trip over itself, and totally bungle it's designs and delivery, on such an epic scale that the whole business will collapse like a soufflé and the stock will tank and huge layoffs will happen and everyone will walk away. And that prediction of demise that I made fifteen years ago will be COMPLETELY ACCURATE. The fact that they've had the most profitable year of any company in recorded history is just another nail in the coffin; you'll see...

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