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Comment Re:Functional 2nd hand devices resold for reuse (Score 1) 222

I'm sorry; you're just taking this news too reasonably. Get with the program here: Apple is sending hired goons to our houses to literally grab our old phones out of our hands and grind them into a fine spicy powder, forcing us to go out and buy them again. Their 100% recyclable materials and 100% renewable energy stance is mere posturing and they are no better than Halliburton, Shell Oil, and Blackwater. Boo, hiss, et cetera.

Comment Re:Not surprising in the least... (Score 1) 222

So let me get this straight ... we have tens of thousands of these devices going into the trash and it's the industry's fault, for making a shinier new phone available each year, instead of a "more responsible" five year or ten year delay?

Not a word for the besotted user who donates their old phone to a relative, or a friend, or sells it, or just plain gives it away, in order to get the shinier one with the force-touch or the better battery or the slightly different size?

Smartphones are hot stuff right now. The pace of innovation in them is astonishing. The ones that sell today, the new flagship ones, they're shot through-and-through with technology that wasn't around even five years ago. A different process for chipmaking. Different battery chemistry and manufacturing. Smaller sensors. Finer, lower-power displays with better color. Fingerprint scanners. Hardware-level encryption. New antenna designs. Blah blah blah. You would prefer that this progress be artificially slowed, to make them less compelling to customers?

Do you work for Microsoft? :D

Comment Re:Could jailbreaking being dead be a major factor (Score 1) 53

You know what really, really bugs me? That I can't replace my steering wheel with a set of forked handles like I used playing Road Blasters in the arcade when I was 10. I paid for the dang thing; I want CONTROL over it!

Joking aside, you can shut off that plugin beep by just switching your phone to silent mode. Also, you can use an app like PhoneView to copy all kinds of things on and off you phone, including message history and call logs, without jailbreaking.

Comment Re:We stopped space exploration, (Score 1) 236

Complete disagreement. LEO is a fine stopping point for humans just now. Robots, on the other hand ...

We are right now making astounding advancements in software and sensors.

We will soon be able to deliver robots to Mars and beyond that can go so many places, and gather so much data, that millions of people on Earth will be able to stroll around the solar system in VR headsets, rather than a dozen or so armor-wrapped and cancer-riddled astronauts. (Not by directly controlling robots of course, but by constructing virtual environments based on their data.)

Let robots pave the way for 20 years. Digging caves, gathering fuel, laying lines, testing shuttlecraft, installing shielding, distilling water, engineering soil, growing crops, ... Mark my words; in ten years we will be launching robots smart enough to answer their own questions at press conferences.

Comment Re:That's OK (Score 1) 223

There is a lot to like in this comment, but what stands out to me, is the point made that without Apple strong-arming carriers in negotiations for the very first iPhone a decade go, all the other smartphone offerings from every other vendor would still happily be:

* Chucking bloatware onto their phones.
* Tracking and data-mining the living hell out of everything you do on the device, ignoring all issues of consent.
* Nickle-and-diming SMS-message users with absurd costs for what is actually the most lightweight communication method on their networks.
* Fostering a thriving software piracy industry, with lowest-common-denominator copy protection across a dozen shady "app stores", therefore NO renaissance in software development like we've seen these last ten years.
* ... And of course, your phone would be perpetually crashing, dying, or getting backdoored, since half the web would be in Flash objects.

The strong-arm negotiations they made, with that first product launch, should qualify as a stand-alone _legend_ in the history of the tech industry.

Comment Re:That's a bit extreme. (Score 1) 406

No, Mr. Anonymous, Apple is not. Apple has never, EVER, >> EVER chased sales volume as a metric of success. That's practically a part of their company charter. There have been whole chapters of books written about this fact, and why it has made them such an envied company with such envied margins.

And yet, they've ended up making such darned good products, and aggressively driving down costs, that they manage a pretty amazing sales volume anyway.

Comment Re:A success but not a game-changer (Score 1) 406

You say that now.

But wait about five years, when Apple has crammed ten times the power of the current iPhone into a watch body, and linked it to a pair of slim, light VR sunglasses that you control by wiggling your fingers and/or gesturing in the air.

People will be dumping their iPhones into the sea, and the "apple VR watch" will become the one product everyone on Earth needs.

Comment heh heh (Score 2) 406

That's not a bad thing.

If your Apple Watch battery goes dead and you don't replace it out of frustration, Apple still has the money you spent on that first watch, even if it didn't last 20 years like the Rolex might. Apple doesn't have a "problem" there. What they have, is a second chance to sell you a watch.

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