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Comment Re:US Electrical system is better (Score 1) 1174

I do understand that the amperage is lower (half) for the same wattage. ... That's opposed to the 220V at 40A...

So lets get this straight, V*A=W American 110V*15A=1650W "European" 220V*40A=8800W Having lived in both Europe and the US the 220V systems generally has a 10/16A fuse giving 2200/3520W, 550/1870W more than the "standard" American one. Going above this one tends to install 3-phase systems running at 380V @ 24-60A in Europe or 208V @ 30-60A in the US depending on the specific need. Try to deploy a high-density rack (15kW) with 110V it's so much fun compared to a 220/380V system...

Comment Utilizing cell-phones as thin clients (Score 1) 220

I wrote this blog-post a while ago with the idea that the iPhone could be a potential thin client. Obviously there's no reason to limit it to one hardware manufacturer but I believe that enabling one to carry your personal data with you at all time and interface it through a server when visiting an office, working from home or any other location would be a great thing.

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 1) 142

I agree with you to the point that we still fondle hardware way too much, I've recently been through evaluating new data-centers for HA hosting and the main requirement has been availability of local hands, this in combination with remote-KVM solutions like HP iLO is a killer, I don't believe that any healthy IT group should need engineers present in the colo.

Submission + - iPhone, a next potential thin client? (

garnser writes: "I've blogged about this before but after discussing it with friends and colleagues recently I got a new eye-opener. Looking at thin clients on the market today many of them has equal or less performance compared to the iPhone 3G(S). As you may know Citrix has release an application called Citrix Receiver allowing you connect to a Citrix server and control Microsft Windows applications from your iPhone. As this may be a step in the right direction it's really not enough as you're limited by the size of your screen on the iPhone. Looking at patents filed by Apple there's one that comes to mind within this category; #20080002350. This patent describes how you would be able to dock your MacBook (Pro) in an iMac looking device (see MacRumors). I haven't read the details of what this patent covers as far as which devices that's potential candidates but the iPhone surely could be one in conjunction with a remote X like environment like Sun offers using it's thin clients. Another touch which Gizmodo posted about is to make something similar to what Asus is planning to release soon. A keyboard with a built-in computer. However in this case the computer would be the phone and the keyboard would really just be a docking-station. So Apple, hopefully you're R&D department has someone reading blogs and ideas how Apples products could be utilized, and if so, dump the projector stupidity and give us a solution to use the iPhone as a thin client."

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